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RTU comm fixes?


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Hey all,


Great to see the update has landed!


I noticed there was a fix reference the audio panel volume controls being ‘fixed’ for the comm radios. 

I may be doing something wrong but I don’t noticed anything different?


Testing on Vatsim both radios are still stuck on Rx and cannot Tx on Comm 2. 

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  • BobbyFuzzy changed the title to RTU comm fixes?

The Audio Panel Selector in the CRJ does not change the sim variable for the transmitting Radio...


I have an entire thread about the audio panel where I break down all of the data and what it is doing and what it "should" be doing...


I am sure they will get to it eventually...  But it either needs to work "perfect" with the Sim Variables or it needs to do "Nothing" to the Sim Variables so that I can go back to using my Script Panel to keep the sim variables tied to the L:Vars of the CRJ audio panel.

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This has been an issue since the first update...

Was told that it would be fixed in due time.... it's been 3+ months

Really...... for us that fly on vatsim the comm radios are a major issue especially on a busy traffic nite....

This should of been addressed on this update.....(1.0.6)

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