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  1. Also had equal issue with voice stop.....after engine two start no other sounds no engine two stabilized or anything else......it was all ok till that point Also in the Load / Fuel Page the boarding signal no longer Blinks green and white...passengers seem to load but at a slower pace
  2. After some hours of head banging i reinstalled and went back to look at the flight plan in the FMC and the charts i believe that i found the issue...ran one test and it was flawless..but will run a couple more to verify will post results.....
  3. So....i unistalled because of issue and reinstalled which had the rapid descent fault but fixed with update ...all i want is to go back to the issue i have with is aircraft not following speed constraints.... first i thought that it may be the flight planner the way it generates plans but tried other with same issue went back to and it works fine only have the steep descent issue previously discussed
  4. Is there a way to download without Thanks for your help .....to many issues with
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