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fsx-steam DC8 external air problems


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is there any one who could help me to fix or fine a solution for the external air in the DC-8 Douglas ? .I installed it in my FSX-steam version and it was impossible me to bring it im use,after after following all the tips and recommendations given in this forum it was me imposible to solve the problem .

I replace the the  DC8_loader(DC8 _groundinterface)folder im Panel for another one (Posted November 17, 2020, Michael2) but it didn´t work well having to go back to the original , still mapping a new key combination for the tail hook ....


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I installed the ver 3 for FSX and can't have the External air staring either.
The radio button for it is checked in green in the DC-8 services pop-up, but can't be either turned off or on, 
And BTW, is there some docs regarding the automatic engineer?

Mats Sederholm

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Dear osvi234I


I recently solved the external air problem (as you might have seen in the forum right below this thread😂)


the new groundinterface file that michael uploaded worked perfectly fine for me. 


have you tried to turn on the external air on the shift+5 pannel? It worked for me. 

just pressing the tailhook shortkey(shift Q ingeneral) itself didnt do anything ... but as I turned the external air on the shift+5 panel as well as shift Q shortkey, the air started to flow.

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I`ve purchased recentely the DC-8, have the same problem (no air start), posted on Aerosoft site for an answer, more than a week ago, still waiting for an answer. Got this info from them:

Détails du ticket

Mxxx Cxxx
Création - dimanche à 23:25
Dernière activité - dimanche à 23:25
Affecté à Jonas Scholz
Statut Ouvert
Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X Version
[Flight Simulator X] Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition
Système d'exploitation
[Windows] Windows 10 - Build 1909 or Higher
Nom de l’addon - Douglas DC-8 V.3000
Had the addon instaled previously, from a friend who had the airplane. Everything worked fine. Had to reeinstal fsx -steam. Bought the DC-8 as I didn`t have his autentification code. Installed it - DOESN`T WORK (meaning no air start), no answer from Aerosoft to my problem.
$10.000 question: was this realy a good purchase?? Or it was just a bunch of Euros thrown in the wind?
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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The problem has been soved in the past with a replacement file. Unfortunately the link doesnt work anymore. I try to find the file for you.

You also can point the support to this topic:


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