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Still no manual 6 Step by Step Guide available?

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about 18 months ago mopperle replied in another thread that this manual was in the making..... See here:

 This thread has been closed 😞


So my question is: will there ever be that promised manual for the A330 Pro explaining step by step how to set up and execute a full flight?

This was announced on page 4 of volume 1 of the manuals that came with the plane.....


Please give us an update or tell openly that you do not intend to publish that manual at all.


J. Vollmer

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we have been waiting for almost 2 years what's another couple. My issue is that everyone is going to MSFS and yes it looks great,I own it. I have taken it off my system as I want more than eye candy. I am a 4000 hour CFII and I love Prep3DV5 as the systems are complex. I would just like a full tutorial for the 330 as it is a very complex aircraft. 


Jeffrey Gerbert

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  • Deputy Sheriffs


In case you own the A31x/A32x Pro you can use the tutorial that comes with that add-on. The handling of the A330 is quite similar anc overs at least 80% of what you need to fly this add-on.

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Whilst mopperle is, I'm sure, correct. Aerosoft have lost much of my respect for this and other matters which were promised but failed to be delivered. BR



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