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Knob turning sound without cockpit interaction

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I've noticed that sometimes I can hear the sound of fast turning knobs turning during taxi and descent for about a second. 

It doesn't seem like it actually changes any values at that point, as I've never encountered any related problems. 


This happens regularly while taxiing, even without touching any controller at that point (i.e. taxiing down a straight).

I've also noticed it happening during decent, too but can't say how often that's the case. 


My hunch is that somehow the spinning of the knobs can't play the sounds fast enough and some of the "play sound"-instructions get stuck (or buffered) until a few minutes later when they are played all at once. 

Most of the knobs would probably f up my flights in some way, but it never caused me any trouble. It really seems just to be playing the sound. 



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I can rule out axis and ohs (and spadnext and everything else interacting with control surfaces) being the culprit, as I'm just using the simulator without additional software besides the CRJ and a few airports. When you see the alt rolling, does it change values (Just want to make sure we see the same behavior)?


I'll take a look at the alt knob next time to check if the animation plays.

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On 13.6.2021 at 12:34, Carl Lundborg sagte:

Nope. It is Only Rolling without changing actually value. 

Hello Carl,

AxisAndOhs addresses L-Vars.

There are distinct L-vars to visually rotate a button and change the value.

You may want to check if your AxisAndOhs setup changes both L-vars.

Best regards.

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Just did a very boring flight from EDDF to EFHK, just looking at the autopilot panel trying to catch it happening.

Long story short, it didn't happen. 


I'll keep an eye out, but I'm not going to do a whole flight like this again ;).

If I figure something out that could help, I'll let you know. 

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Completed a few more flights and it happened on most of them once or twice, but I have yet to catch a knob turning…


You may close this thread, I'll report back if I manage to reproduce the issue in a way that is helpful. 

Even then, It's a low priority thing that doesn't seem to cause any harm.

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