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  1. @SimWare Strange. The problem came back when I started the sim today. Deleted cache and worked again. Restarted computer. Stops working. What could be wrong in cache?
  2. Even if uinstalled and disconnect. It still moves. However, egen deleting ”lorbysi-content-hooks” from community folder it stops. But den AOO don’t works.
  3. Have the same problem when using Acis and Ohs. The altitude knob is rolling then…
  4. Even if I have deactivated all scripts in Axis and Ohs it moves. But when deleting the map mentioned above, it works… but then the Axis and Ohs don’t.
  5. Seems to be related to Axis And Ohs map in Community Folder "lorbysi-content-hooks". Does someone else have the same problem?
  6. Great. Restarted computer. It works perfectly. Restarted again. Broken. Also uninstalled AES bridge. Not working…
  7. Tried both my Honeyomb Alpha and my joystick. Happens on both devices...
  8. The only thing is moving is the knob itself with sound. The altitude setting is not changing.
  9. Nope. But sometimes solves when restarting sim...
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