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ETA of first hotfix

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
53 minutes ago, Airbuspilot_ said:

CRJ Bugs, otherwise i wouldnt ask in the aerosoft forum 😜

To answer your question seriously as some people obviously do not understand jokes: ;)

Dates/estimates will not be given. Some problems need more work then others and also need more testing. And if testing reveals another problem, a hotfix can not be released and might be postponed. But when the dev/team feels after testing that a hotfix/patch works, it will be released.

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5 hours ago, Sébastien Marleau said:

Exemple  ?


- ILS interception can make your plane dramatically pitch down

- Weird throttle response, you ask power, it will go down for 5 seconds then up

- HUD flight path symbol jumping -5/+15 degree

- HUD flight path symbol no showing where the plane will be

- No arrival airport elevation when they don't have approach or STAR, even when this data is present on the ARR DATA page

- Double click needed on efb set payload to simulator

- More life improvement than bug, but DH - MDA selector takes years to setup


That's what I found so far, not deal breaker, but cut down my enjoyment quite a bit

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