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  1. I haven't been on the forums in a few months -- but wasn't the 900 and 1000 models supposed to come out a month after the 700?
  2. Good question — had the same one and took me 20 mins to find out how to download the update. Bless my heart as we say in Texas.
  3. I think the "excitement" has died down quite a lot since launch. I know, personally, I am back to flying my beloved A32NX.
  4. RESOLVED: Having the same issues w/ flight plan not importing anymore. Worked for last couple of weeks and now just gives me a LOAD ERROR every time.
  5. Oh the infamous "we don't give dates" which no other company in the real world could ever survive saying, except game development. lol
  6. Hey @Hans Hartmann do you expect an update to be pushed out soon or do these come up in a few months? My first time having an Aerosoft plane, so wasn't sure.
  7. Hey all - I am struggling with ILS as well -- WHEN do I need to switch the NAV SOURCE to LOC vs FMS? Before I am supposed to intercept the GS? Is there a specific time when I should be switching that from FMS to LOC?
  8. Here is the solution. If your C ALT becomes yellow or red, it means your PACS are not ON and your air conditioning is not on. Click both PAC buttons to ENSURE they are on and turn on your A/C and your pressure will begin decreasing and working.
  9. Thank you @GEK_the_Reaper - I believe your comment above is a solution, so we can probably close this thread, if you wish.
  10. I assume the TURB next to Autopilot means to turn on during turbulence, but technically what does it do to assist in turbulence? Also, do most CRJ pilots IRL use this button when on AP? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Yes, Aerosoft please fix this!! I know you guys have experts to help, but the wind sound while flying above FL300 is just way too loud.
  12. I had to do this too, WinterHuntsman. Hoping Asobo and Aerosoft can fix this issue!
  13. I had a similar issue with one of my flights as the OP did.
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