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Can you use the steer fixed to the yoke without complementary hardware?

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Hello, in case any ghost of the past shows up -I mean this section of the forum devoted to TWOTTER seems very calm- I would like to know how you move the steer in the Twotter dh6c. Looks more cool than  the yoke for taking curves,.


Thank you for your time.

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Yes - It's just an USB connection and in fact there is some joystick hardware inside. So it's a normal axis, which you can map to the steering tiller axis via FSUIPC.





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Ah yes, I stopped practicing flight sim for quite a few years, but after I had asked to my question, it occured to me it was probably a FSUIPC trick ! I am afraid it's a bit too sophisticated for me, but thanks, as one says in French 'je ne mourrais pas idiot (I won't die an idiot).

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