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  1. Ah, Ok, that 's what I understood (if Mfsx was outdated, I thought you implied that MFS2020 was the up-to-date, but true, there is X-plane, etc... Ok, forget it, please, not that important .
  2. Are you sure of that? MFS20 was launched in 2020.08, which seems a short time for "everybody" to be converted today. Of course, the problem is you need a very serious computer for playing MFS20 smoothly and people basically needst spend at least 1500€. I am surely not documented enough for engaging a debate about it. What I know is I had some nice experience with my present gear, using MFSX included airplanes, and if I could have the same with TWOTTER, that's would be Ok for me for a while. By now an Aerosoft moderator is taking care of my situation and first I am going to see what he has to s
  3. Hi Otto, Thank you, but I in a forum that Aerosoft support did not have any more the means to answer questions about DFDR ; also I sent two tickets for another (by now solved) issues with the fuelplanner. In reply I received an orientation on Aerosoft Services, and indee I found myself after some time the solution in a forum. I think it's because this plane Twin Otter is not supported anymore. I am not anymore sure it was a good idea to buy it. Maybe someone helpful will read our exchange and will be able to provide some help, and in particular the missing file. S
  4. hello, I am an old guy who has stopped to understand things immediately. Inspite of that, I decided to practice Flight sim again , not only that, with a paying airplane (it's not about money, it's about to learn more on air air plane)s. My computer is i7, supposedly still a good chipset, but my graphic card is only 2 Ga RAM and my CPU 2.4Gz . Maybe that's why I have issues. Question 1 -1)The data flight recorder doesn't record. Someone had this issue and was told on the forum to move a certain file (from Documents/Aerosoft/AerosoftTwinOtterExtended/Flight Recorder), which was
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