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  1. Hello, I apologize because I am not in the right area, my Twotter having been downloaded ; but I can't find another way of getting in touch. An it's an administrative issue, without no software itself concerned per se. So, having had some problems with my mfsX software itself, I reinstalled it from scratch on another partition created following this issue. But my email and register number are rejected as unknown when I try to install my Twotter. Thank you so much for giving me directions. Have a nice day. Etienne
  2. Ah yes, I stopped practicing flight sim for quite a few years, but after I had asked to my question, it occured to me it was probably a FSUIPC trick ! I am afraid it's a bit too sophisticated for me, but thanks, as one says in French 'je ne mourrais pas idiot (I won't die an idiot).
  3. I am not sure to understand how you connect your (solid) hardware with the steer of the Twoter. You just usb-plug in and it works by itself? Thank you
  4. Hello, in case any ghost of the past shows up -I mean this section of the forum devoted to TWOTTER seems very calm- I would like to know how you move the steer in the Twotter dh6c. Looks more cool than the yoke for taking curves,. Thank you for your time.
  5. Actually, I got it. Unluckily I have some attention drop, but by doing the effort of writing my question above, I solved the point of the Set Altitude !
  6. Hi everybody. I have a beginner's question. I read the best I could the devoted manual 2 but there is something I don't get (maybe because I am not native English speaker) By now I practice what seems relatively simple : GPS flight based on Flight Plan. I am more used to the garmin 500 but I will manage I think. I have hard time dealing with adjusting the altitude. What I understood : you want to flight at 2000 ft. Once you fly at 2000feet, , you click on the trim up button then on the ALT button. As a result, starting from this point, your plane will stabilize automatically at 2000 ft. I have But I did not understand how to "inject" a correct descend speed". I don't understand the use of the "set altitude" panel . And maybe there is an adjustement on one of the instruments of the picture, I don't get the importance. I will synthetize my question in an unique imaginary situation : You're 40 nm of your ToD (point to start you descend) You are let's say 15000 feet high at the time when the Distance to this point of descent is 40nm and you would like to arrive there at its (prescribed) height, let's say 2400 feet hight. How do you plan your flight using the Collins AP and whatever else is necessary. . I did not find time to learn the performances of the Twoot ext. So, my figures might be irrealistic. Proper correction appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
  7. Ah, Ok, that 's what I understood (if Mfsx was outdated, I thought you implied that MFS2020 was the up-to-date, but true, there is X-plane, etc... Ok, forget it, please, not that important .
  8. Are you sure of that? MFS20 was launched in 2020.08, which seems a short time for "everybody" to be converted today. Of course, the problem is you need a very serious computer for playing MFS20 smoothly and people basically needst spend at least 1500€. I am surely not documented enough for engaging a debate about it. What I know is I had some nice experience with my present gear, using MFSX included airplanes, and if I could have the same with TWOTTER, that's would be Ok for me for a while. By now an Aerosoft moderator is taking care of my situation and first I am going to see what he has to say (maybe mfsx install error). Thanks the same for your kind attention!
  9. Hi Otto, Thank you, but I in a forum that Aerosoft support did not have any more the means to answer questions about DFDR ; also I sent two tickets for another (by now solved) issues with the fuelplanner. In reply I received an orientation on Aerosoft Services, and indee I found myself after some time the solution in a forum. I think it's because this plane Twin Otter is not supported anymore. I am not anymore sure it was a good idea to buy it. Maybe someone helpful will read our exchange and will be able to provide some help, and in particular the missing file. So, Thanks for your interest and making it a bit lively. Ganz nett ! Etienne
  10. MICROSOFT fLIGHT SIMULATOR X DELUXE (with WIndows 10) in 64bits Tks for quick answer.
  11. hello, I am an old guy who has stopped to understand things immediately. Inspite of that, I decided to practice Flight sim again , not only that, with a paying airplane (it's not about money, it's about to learn more on air air plane)s. My computer is i7, supposedly still a good chipset, but my graphic card is only 2 Ga RAM and my CPU 2.4Gz . Maybe that's why I have issues. Question 1 -1)The data flight recorder doesn't record. Someone had this issue and was told on the forum to move a certain file (from Documents/Aerosoft/AerosoftTwinOtterExtended/Flight Recorder), which was wrong, to Documents\AerosoftFlightRecorder , and was happy with the result. I have 3 files there now: aircraft.xml, FuelPlannerSavedSetting.xml, TwotterX.as; The last one should be Ok? Anywya it still doesn't work. This is a bit old stuff and a search on the web for this app gave nothing. (it 's a different app thah TOt Ext. in itself) Thank you so much for your time for now.
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