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Episode 01: The Safety Checks!

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If you like the video it is best to use the vote options and not a reply. We really like to keep the replies about possible comments or questions about the video. Each video will have it's own topic to make that easier.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
15 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

TheDude, that technical log, is that a chronological list of anything crew reports and mechanics do on the aircraft?  I googles and seen a lot of different type.


All aircraft flying for the airlines have their own technical logbook in which every flight, every technical check, every reportable snag and every resulting maintenance action is documented. It must go where the aircraft goes, you may not go off block without it. As this is the most up to date document concerning the technical status of the aircraft it is always checked before a flight as a legal requirement.

This logbook does not have an infinite number of pages so when it is full you get a new one for the next flights but the old one must also remain onboard for some time. 

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  • The Dude changed the title to Episode 01: The Safety Checks!

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