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EDDK runway textures

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HI Aerosoft,

just a little remark, IMO the runway textures of EDDK could need some more "random details" like dirt/marks/uneven areas etc. 
The reason is that right now it's so clean and uniform, it's difficult to get a sense of speed with only the white markings are reflecting the movement. It looks kinda unusual (compared to other landings) because it seems like I'm going very slow... if that makes sense. 



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Actually, the text under the forum area header notes this area is for support on the FSX/FS2004 version, so we need to update that (LOL).  Even for the Professional version, P3Dv4.x looks different in some respects than 5.x. That aside, shaders matter too, so are you using any?

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Okay, so first of all, sorry for not providing appropriate info. :) Second, I just want to make clear, I'm not reporting any bug or error here, the scenery is fine and one of my favorites and best I own.

Having said that, let me elaborate my suggestion. I simply noticed the above "effect" and thought, maybe some more diverse textures (skid marks, patches, rubber residue etc.) could enhance the experience. :) The real runway doesn't look nearly as clean.


Here's what I mean, I uploaded two videos.

Fist, a landing at FCO, which I would call rather usual, that's what I experience most of the time on most airports.



Second, a landing at CGN. 



Now maybe it's the combination of longer center line markings and the "clean" runway, but especially after 80kt., it almost feels like a slow motion or reduced sim-time-rate.... 
Do you see what I mean? Or is it just me? Could be just my stupid brain :D ... but the sense of speed is getting a little "washed away" here imho, because there a re no textures "rushing by/beneath me", it's (almost) just a grey surface.


All I'm saying is that I felt this could be improved with more/random details on the runway.




P3Dv5.1HF2 - no shader add ons - EA off - 3840x2160 - anisotropic 8x - texture res. 4k - 2xmsaa


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