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EDDM-Problem: LOC Offset

Katja Mueller

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vor 15 Stunden , Katja Mueller sagte:

I'm also don't understand what does mean.


It means that did NOT place our own ILS into the scenery because it is considered to be buggy and may cause CDT (according to MSFS developer Forum) and this has to be fixed by ASOBO first. Also there is a big misconception in the MSFS Design about true and magnetic heading used for ILS which could couse wrong ILS behaviours.
ALL navaids (included ILS) when flying to Munich are stock MSFS or from a seperate source you use. Since the RWY is at the same position as at the stock RWY
the LOC problem should also occour without the EDDM add on. Will check that with the new mandtory MSFS update of today.

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