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    GCLA: Some autogen houses are in the air

    OK, is there a solution ?
  2. Hello! I'm using La Palma Professional with Prepar3D 4.1. Sometimes, when I flying over the island, some autogen houses are in the air and not on terrain. I used mesh-density maximum. (1m)
  3. Katja Mueller

    LEMG: default.xml (autogen)

    Ahh OK, thanks for information.
  4. Katja Mueller

    LEMG: default.xml (autogen)

    Hello! Yesterday, I installed the LEMG Scenery for P3Dv4. I noticed, the installer adds a file "default.bak" in my Autogen directory but don't affect the default.xml file. I started the installer as administrator, bu it adds no entries to autogen. Can I have the autogen code for manual bind in via autogenconfigurator please?