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  1. I'm also don't understand what does mean. Please take a look to my screenshot. There is the ILS freequency received successfully. I entered manual. But the LOC seems to be offeset. As you can see, my plane is following the LOC.
  2. Hello! I noticed an LOC offset on approaching RWY 26L. I not tested the other RWY's but on 26L is definitly a LOC offset. Please check.
  3. Did you OC the CPU? CTD is very often a problem with OC.
  4. Installer problems has been solved via the last update. Thanx for this.
  5. I think the installer is broken. I tried the whole evening to install this scenery. no chance. every time the same error.
  6. you are right. best deployment is via ingamestore.
  7. I don't have antivirus. And slo disabled all defender features.
  8. I don't understand why I cannot install. Only the last 2-3 files will not copy all other will. I made a second download from aerosoft store but same thing. not able to complete install. -no firewall -no antivirus -started as administrator
  9. Do you have the Microsoft Store Version or Steam Version? I have the Microsoft Store Version and I'm not able to complete the Installation. I never using antivirus. In times of windows 10, every antivirus solution has no benefit.
  10. I also dont have a antivirus software.
  11. I get this error on Scenery installation. I installed with administrator.
  12. Hello! In the download area is a file called "orbx patch" for the EDDB scenery for P3Dv5. Do I need this patch only for FTX Germany or also for ORBX global/openLC ?
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