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Totally unofficially and unsupported, with a little research and patience it works beautifully in P3Dv5.2. But it will not just install and run. I'm not going to get into details and whatever you decide to try any consequences are on you. If you're comfortable with this sort of thing, though, you'll probably know what I'm talking about, and there are a couple of gotchas to be aware of. It has become my go-to long-haul airplane and I thank Aerosoft for doing such a good job on an iconic classic. For version 4. Officially.

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It does kinda work. It looks good, flies well (I think), it is not studylevel and sometimes strange things happen. (like not starting)


You need to modify your p3d install to fool it. I followed this video. It is complicated to tell but easy to do if you follow the video (at your own risk) I use several V4 planes and they kinda work. 

But most times some things do not work every time. Most have no mixture animation following my hardware levers, have start issues when going from cold and dark and have radio tuning issues (Not tuning the 10 kHz digit, I use FS-Keypad to solve that) But maybe this is add-on related, I use ACCU and chaseplane (That often needs a reboot because it stops working) and REX sky. I wanted the Aerosoft because I really like rain effects on windows, I know, stupid but for me that is a huge emerge-booster .  


My DC-8 will often not start. (I know how to start, but I only use cold and dark) you can trick it by first loading  the default one with running engines and then change you aircraft to the V4 aircraft, it then spawns with running engine. I do the cold and dark and if it not starts I load the F35 with engines running , and then again load the DC-8 and go on from there. The animation for selecting air in the EFB does often not work (the checkbox does not turn green but it always activate the air) Sometimes it drops from the sky. Speed suddenly really jumps a lot  (almost zero) and then the plane drops straight down, complete level, not nose down.  I save the flight every few minutes so I then reload the last saved file. 


I use more V4 planes because there are not many studylevel grade V5 vintage airliners. The only one working flawless is the PMDG DC-6. I think I have around 100 hours in it). My most used plane. I just bought the Coolsky DC-9 for the same reason, the only studylevel DC-9 for V5 is the Leonardo maddog X and that needs  8GB VRAM (I have only have 6) The Coolsky is V4. But I only made one flight yet. That went 100% well. But fiddling around on the ground, sorting out the systems by doing things outside normal procedures, to test how deep studylevel goes, i found the same problem as with more V4 aircraft, it will not start every time. (It does start if I reload it like stated above) One time I had one engine that did not deliver thrust, the N1 compressor was turning, but N2 not ???? . Maybe I broke it while experimenting, I have not studied that part yet, I am just exploring the many many many features it has. This thing is Assum. 





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I know officially is not supported. I installed it to p3dv5. When I load the plane I get 25-30fps and then it's start decreasing slowly and goes down to 3-5fps.

My specs is very decent. 12700kf ,rtx3060, 32GBram, nvme ssd. win11

the Gpu utilization is around 5%, the CPU  single core utilization is 15% , VRam is  5-6gb with Volumetric clouds set to high. locked fps 40

When I use A330  The Cpu single core utilization is 90-100%, the GPU is 70-90% ,VRam is  5-6gb with Volumetric clouds set to high. locked fps 40 and the fps is around 35-40fps in VC with high scenery settings.


Any help would be appreciated!


thank you


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