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  1. okay, as its now installed, am I able to now move the files, editing the xml file and it not bring up errors.??
  2. Recently bought Lukla Extreme. Thank you very much for making you recent products able to use the add on xml way. I much prefer to have my airplanes and airports installed using this way. I have all my add ons tho on a separate drive off my main C drive. I have numerous aircraft/airports sitting there and simply slide over the correct xml file to the P3Dv4/addons folder in documents when i wish to fly with them. Sadly, as Lukla and the Otter have installed themselves to the documents folder, I have been unsuccessful at moving the stuff (and editing the xml file) to my preferred location on the other drive, without having errors about sound appear when I load them up. Is there a way please I can have them on another drive and just place their xml file back in docs when I want to use them? Ive searched this forums for all posts relating to this Airport scenery and found nothing that can help many thanks
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