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  1. Amazing quality. Thank you very much guys, looking forward for this one
  2. I have similar experience. Initially I had a low fps problem which turned out to be my RAM overclock. However returnign to stock settings, I have expected FPS, but very inconsinstent FPS. It is so unstable that while taxing it stutters all the time. Any clue from the developer would be welcome. I have an 7700K, GTX1070, 16GB Ram and SSD
  3. After many flights now to Cologne, I also observe similar problems. When panning around the FPS will flactuate a lot. Could it be for example the amount of cars at the parking area? In specific directions, panning around at the gate can be at times very smooth, however as long as I start taxing, it gets too stuttery everywhere, making the experience very annoying.
  4. Thank you very much Marcon. This is the kind of support that I expect from a quality developer
  5. Thank you very much Oliver. I appreciate it. I hope it won't take a too long. If he can let us know here I would appreciate it.
  6. I'm sorry Mr. Herman but I disagree with you. What Otto is telling me is not factual. It is known that all simulations have limitations but developers know these and should make their products so they behave correctly. In this case, make the textures darker, much darker. I have many airports and I haven't seen this effect. I gave you specific answers but you choose not to answer these. I repeat: 1) f the HDR was 'poorly implemented by LM', why the Prepar3D autogen does not behave like that? Just look at the image I posted above. Look at the buildings of the scenery and then look behind, at the autogen. Is it LM to blame for your buildings appearance ? 2) If the HDR was 'poorly implemented by LM', why this does not happen to other addons like the recently released EDDK? I have default shaders and default settings. Here is a screen of the lant/long location of these buildings, but many others too have similar problems around the scenery. As Aerosoft is considered a serious publisher, I expect a proper reply of this being a bug and is not acceptable for a professional level scenery for Prepar3D v4. There are plenty examples of Aerosoft sceneries and other publishers that this does not happen, so please don't give me an HDR excuse because your product's textures are made poorly.
  7. Sorry but your attitude is way too harsh. I use default settings. Who said that HDR not default settings? Prepar3D comes with HDR enabled by default, its not an experimental thing. You are telling me that the image above is a realistic represnetation of buildings at night and that's the best that Prepar3D v4.3 HDR can do ? You label your product 'Professional'. Sorry but the "HDR" answer is not believable. I also bought Aerosoft's EDDK and the buildings at night is nothing like this. The buildings are dark and only windows are lit or walls which are illuminated with lights. Just see at the preview night screenshots of EDDK. Or, much easier..look behind of these buildings. At the autogen buildings. They are made on the same Prepar3D engine, on the same "shadertweak+HDR" environment and they look as they should.They don't look with lit walls and roofs ! If this is not a bug and is not intented to be fixed, its good that you let me know as I am going to ask for a refund.
  8. Thank you. This is what I have seen and this is why I couldn't find where I saw it, its in German. However I don't understand German. Could the developer give a reply in the English forums so everyone can understand? From google translate I get that the reply of Oliver is that its a function of HDR? This is obviously a bug that needs to be addressed because the main terminal buildings are more dark. The result should be more realistic using HDR and not the opposite.
  9. Hi, I am sure there was also another topic for that but for some reason I can't find it. So I post again this problem that I also see. The buildings especially in the vicinity after the cargo area are lit up at night without any light source illuminating at them. What is unrealistic is tha they are lit up uniformily so it should be a texture problem. In the night the only lights visible should be from the windows where there is light or from external spot lights lighting in specific areas. The walls and roofs should not have any uniform lighting. Please fix this because it makes night flying very un-immersive. I attach a picture:
  10. Jo thank you very much for the reply. I'm happy again Was getting crazy with these fps, so decided to reset my BIOS to default settings (no OC) and bang! I get over 30 fps now with full settings enabled! WOW! I was about to blame you for not optimizing the scenery while in reality we should all give you the first prize in scenery optimization and quality. That was a huge shift and my sincere apologies for the frustration. You've done a top of the top work and I was really worried I won't enjoy it. I'm so glad I was wrong and it was a mistake from my side.
  11. I use an SSD but have my ORBX folder on a hard drive due to size. However this should matter for FPS when everything is loaded and being on the ramp. Actually increasing the settings on the configuration manager does not degrade -or at least significantly- the fps which means that either the scenery itself or something in the scenery eats a lot of FPS. I should also underline again that the fps is not only low, its unstable. It changes dramaticaly from as low as 14 to around 27 I've seen max. Even without panning around. Panning around also has an effect on fluctuating frames. This is not a GA field, it is intended to be used with airliners, so its a necessity that it can operate with smooth fps. Any suggestion will be appreciated as currently I can't use it with the Airbus.
  12. Ok. My Pc specs: Intel i7 7700K @ 5.00 Ghz | Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 | Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 | G.Skill 3600Mhz CL16 TridentZ RGB | Samsung 850 EVO 1TB | WD 6TB Black Caviar | Corsair RM750i | Corsair H100i v2 Hydro | The FPS is very unstable and fluctuates between 14-27 fps. On these settings, and ever higher settings I can run other add-ons easily over 30 fps. Screens:
  13. To be honest I am dissapointed with the performance. Really like all the details put into the scenery, but if have to turn off all slides to Low and all P3D sliders to medium or low to enjoy a flight with the Airbus then all the benefits of this development will be lost. Can something be done to make it more fps friendly please?
  14. I totaly agree and everybody else would agree on this Mathijs. That is why I said on my previous post (deleted?) that noone will be annoyed if you miss a date estimate but at the same time you make a new one. ''Shouldn't be long'' can be from days/week to a month, thus the reaction.
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