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Should I have bought FSX instead of AeroFly FS2?


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I see that with the Aerosoft A320 for FSX, you can go through the whole engine start up process, but the A320 for AeroFly FS2 is missing those features.  Also, the FMS/MCDU setup does not have as many features.  Isn't AeroFly FS2 Aerosoft's flight sim software?  Why isn't the A320 just as good as what they made for Microsoft?  I'm new to flight sims, so any helpful comments and intelligent comments are appreciated!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Scott, Aerofly FS2 is not a Aerosoft product. Aerosoft is only the reseller for this product, which is developed by IPACS https://www.aerofly.com/.

This product is in no way comparable with FSX or P3D and uses a completely different technical plattform. Therefore it is also available for MacOS, iOS and Android.


Regarding your questions FSX or Aerofly FS2: FSX is an old simulator that is dead as can be. Far better is Prepar3D from Lockheed Martin, which is partially based on FSX, but got meanwhile an 64bit archticture make use of modern hardware and got tons of new features compared to FSX.

But also of interest could be the upcoming Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020: completely new, amazin look. https://www.flightsimulator.com/

In short:

Aerofly FS 2: another sim, limited capabilties, multiplattform, not for serious simulation

FSX: dead, not worth talking about it

Prepar3D: modern plattform, tons of highlevel addons, still new addons availableofrom various devs, but many of them move to:

MSFS 2020: take a look at the website to get a feeling

OK, there is also XPlane, but personally never got used to it, but also seems to be a nice product, with many addons and a huge community.

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Hello Scott,
for your qualified decision:

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And yes, many people try to talk FSX dead.
For me FSX is very alive, as you can see on my screenshots:
I prefer to spend my money in scenery addons (photoreal sceneries), not in overwhelming expensive hardware.



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