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  1. Hi- I have been having problems with auto-thrust/throttle in the 747 and 777. The A/T switch is on as well as the flight director and auto-pilot, but it seems I have to control the thrust manually. With the A320, the A/T works ok but with the 747 & 777 it's as if the program can't move the throttle levers. It worked a few times, but now it does not. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm using the ThrustMaster T.1600m joystick and TWCS throttle. Thanks!
  2. I ended up buying the ThrustMaster T.1600m HOTAS setup and it was recognized by the program. Thanks
  3. I see that with the Aerosoft A320 for FSX, you can go through the whole engine start up process, but the A320 for AeroFly FS2 is missing those features. Also, the FMS/MCDU setup does not have as many features. Isn't AeroFly FS2 Aerosoft's flight sim software? Why isn't the A320 just as good as what they made for Microsoft? I'm new to flight sims, so any helpful comments and intelligent comments are appreciated!
  4. Hi- I was wondering if there is a list of known or recommended joysticks/controllers that are compatible with FS2? For example, is the Logitech X52 Saitek X52 Flight Controller supported, or the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X? Thanks so much! Gibt es eine Liste von Joysticks, die mit FS2 kompatibel sind? Wird beispielsweise der Logitech X52 Saitek X52 Flight Controller oder der Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X unterstützt? Vielen Dank! Scott713 Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch
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