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And yes, it's FSX default (SP1 + SP2). No addons (besides the sceneries and 3 aircrafts), shaders or paint / photoshop used 🙂

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To make this picture series complete, a classic sunset with a classic airplane is still missing.


Stay sane in these hard days, so flightsimming is one of the best things you can do . . .


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Such screenshots that I wanted to go swimming. Unfortunately, there is only a river and a lake nearby :)

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Incredible detail. I had to wait until P3Dv4 came out until i managed to get such detail. Never managed this in FSX, simply superb.

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Thank you very much for your compliments and nice words! 🙂

@Pavel1971 😉   🙂 yeah, photoreal sceneries are very impressive.
When it's very hot in the summer I like to fly in the Swiss Alps with Aerofly FS (I only have FS1). To watch these snow covered mountains really cools down 🙂

@JarredP  Yes, many P3D simmers remember their flightsim experiences with FSX on a ten years old PC and compare this with their P3Dv4 on an actual high tech PC (which you need to run P3Dv4 / v5). So they are very astonished how well FSX can look with good photorealistic sceneries. Not only that you can find your house in the sim, you can even count your sheep:


And you can even see the lines on a soccer field:



I can't remember ever seeing this high level of detail in P3D with photoreal sceneries.
(Maybe I did, but thought it was FSX or Aerofly FS1 / FS2)


I'm running FSX (SP1 + SP2) on a 5 years old middle class PC (gaming notebook) and I'm very satisfied with the results.
Great thanks to every member of former ACES game studio!


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Ooops, the sunset picture with the yellow Piper Cub looks like as if FSX could not reflect the sunlight on the water surface.
Of course it can:


P.S.: For those who want to compare with their own flightsim (to optimize the settings, to see if your hardware is good enough, if you have a good photoreal scenery) or for those who just want to enjoy let me give you the links to my former threads with photoreal landscape sceneries:

March 2020: Paris, the city of love and romance  

February 2020: A dozen of my best screenshots in 2019

January 2020: Maule Orion over photoreal island

December 2019: Iconic A340 over photoreal Austria

November 2019: In the East of Dallas, Texas (photoreal)

October 2019: Austria photoreal

August 2019: 10 years VFR Germany - Happy Birthday!

August 2019: Low and slow over Southern California (photoreal)

May 2019: Skiing in summer (photoreal)

May 2019: Rhône Valley nearby Lyon (photoreal)


If you are new to the hobby: why not give it a start with FSX? Just to see if you like flightsimming 🙂
You don't need a very expensive hardware and can give it a try without spending too much money for the first beginnings.
My opinion: better to invest in aircraft addons and photoreal sceneries than in extraordinary expensive hardware 🙂
And don't let you talk into o..x landclass sceneries as basic sceneries!


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