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  1. La Réunion is such a fascinating island, especially with a detailed height mesh for accurate topography: (please click to enlarge the image) Sim: FSX (SP1 + SP2) Scenery: FRANCE VFR - French Islands PHOTO HD https://www.francevfr.com/product_photofis.php A/C: Schweizer 300CBi (Just Flight) https://www.justflight.com/product/flying-club-schweizer-300cbi-download Shaders: none PhotoShop or others: none - what you see is what you get The great advantage of FSX plus photoreal sceneries: the photoreal landscape texture
  2. FSX plus photoreal scenery The great advantage of FSX plus photoreal sceneries: the photoreal landscape textures are stored on the PC drive (HDD / SSD), so you can see all the details immediately, no matter how fast is your internet connection. By the way: I don't have any O..x sceneries and I don't have stutterings. Because there is no O..x Central spying the PC drives and phoning home. Good luck to everybody and always safe landings Torsten
  3. Love is in the Air - Yes, I'm still loving FSX plus photoreal sceneries ❤️ What could be more romantic than a heart-shaped pond in a beautiful, idyllic landscape? FSX plus photoreal scenery In my opinion still the best flightsimulator - if you want to see authentic, detailed photoreal landscapes with a detailed mesh on an affordable PC. And choose between tons of photoreal sceneries and authentic aircrafts. From freeware to expensive ultra-realistic models. Always safe landings Torsten
  4. Mont Blanc massif from the southern, Italian side: approaching heliport Courmayeur, Region Aosta Valley, Italy Monte Bianco Elisuperficie Franco Garda, Entreves, Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta, bella Italia FSX plus photoreal scenery
  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Simeon! And HAPPY NEW YEAR altogether! That's fine! I totally agree 🙂 🙂 🙂 Flightsimming is perfect to impress ladies! It shows that you don't spend your money for AvGas but keep the money in the house. 😉 Always safe landings Torsten
  6. @kroswynd Cool pics, Simeon! I hope the guy on the third pic will get a warm cap for X-mas 😉 Don't know if it's allowed to post a picture a second time in this screenshot competition? Here we can see the boss himself refreshing his PPL 😉 Amazing Graz, Austria FSX (what else?) plus Austria Professional HD East Good luck to everybody! Torsten
  7. Hello altogether, in June I had posted a table comparing the hardware recommendations for FSX, Aerofly FS2, XP11, P3Dv4 and P3dv5. Now I have added the MSFS: By the way: I prefer to spend my money in aircraft addons and scenery addons (photoreal sceneries), not in extremely expensive hardware. It's the addons which make the quality and immersion in your Flight Simulator. Always safe landings Torsten
  8. Until now (Nov 30th) much too few participants and therefor much too few screenshots in my opinion. Poor Simeon, how do you feel with this resonance? So may I add another tropical island? Because I am out of the race anyway. Voilà: French Polynesia (FSX, of course!) Bon vols Torsten
  9. To honor the great engagement from Simeon (@Kroswynd): Still loving FSX 🙂 Laguna de Santiago, Canary Islands Good luck to everybody! Torsten
  10. Any suggestions? I would spend my prize from July or/and August (if I would win, of course 😉) for the one or the two flightsimmers with the most pictures from the right location.
  11. I don't know if Aerofly FS from IPACS counts as Aerosoft product? On the metal box of AF FS2 are 2 Aerosoft logos: one on the front side and one on the rear side. For those who want to know the location or/and want to compare with MSFS: In my opinion Aerofly FS has the best scenery you can get for Switzerland. It's such a fun to fly over and between these fascinating mountains of Swiss Alps. The photoreal textures and the mesh are so fine that the immersion is incredible. I love it 🙂 And why not have two flight simulators?
  12. I hope this posting will not be deleted like others I wrote in this thread https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/155240-thoughts-on-a-new-simulator-the-world/ These postings from me have been downvoted, have been answered by Mr. Kok and now are deleted. It's not MSFS. And it's not a trick 😉 It's just FSX plus photoreal scenery 🙂 Approaching Heliport Sölden in the very famous Ötz Valley / Ötztal, Tirol (in the wider surroundings of Innsbruck) Sim: FSX (SP1+SP2); aircraft: Schweizer 300 CB
  13. And to make it easier to everybody Iet me add numbers to the pictures, okay? 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11:
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