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  1. @kroswyndMy pleasure! No need to apologize so much. I think we all are very, very thankfull to _YOU_ for your fabulous competition introductions over years. Really a very great job you did over this long period. What would the aerosoft forum be without this screenshot contest "institution" Kroswynd?! If it would be a help for you, in this situation we all feel with you, we could alternate for some time. I could not do it every month and I can never do it as well as you, so you have my greatest respect. Thank you again. So if you like, I may have another try to give a theme in April? Just as you like . . .
  2. That's fine! So the show will go on . . . Sorry, I forgot to name the location of my screenshot. Let me tell it this way: So if you ever wondered how the Eiger is looking from the rearside . . .
  3. Hello everybody, last night I've dreamed that the February's theme was "Snow & Ice". But in the morning there was no February's theme here. Only one weekend left, don't know what happened - I hope that Kroswynd is well, only a little bit to much busy in real life! As a sign of my loyality to him with his fabulous Competition Introductions I want to start this inofficial thread. You are all welcome to jump in. Might be that Aerosoft will be so generous to spend a prize. You never know - we'll see . . . As I've proposed the theme, I'm out of this race - that's clear. Let us all give a sign that we all love this screenshot competition. Be aware that Kroswynd could jump in as a competitor. So give your best! Good luck to everybody Torsten
  4. 🙂 Hello Aharon, it is the Alps 😉 Thank you again! BTW: I hope, that Kroswynd is fine. Let's hope that he is only busy due to a lot of work in his job. I love the screenshot contest managed by him. To admire the pictures in his introduction and to watch all the interesting shots from the competitors coming one after another. When I see his introductions, in the first moments I often loose courage to create a screenshot for the contest. He sets a very high standard and so he is a good teacher to emulate him. Have a nice evening Torsten
  5. Muchas gracias for these kind words, Aharon! I see it as the merits of the developers of FSX and Nemeth Designs, to be fair 🙂 I'm in training since september: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/139216-septembers-screenshot-competition-anything-goes/& 😉
  6. Sorry, I'm a little late Bell 407 (Nemeth Designs) running in FSX - sunrise over Arizona:
  7. Once upon a time there was a very mild and warm winter. A very, very, _very_ warm winter. It was so warm and mild that I wondered how Santa Claus could start his big sledge without any snow. On the other hand I thought that his reindeers probably have got a lot of fresh grass during the last weeks and therefor they must be as strong as seldom before. I prayed every night that there will come a little bit of snow at Christmas Eve. Or that Santa Claus could manage it with some oil and grease under the skids. This idea gave me hope and I could sleep in the night again: he might take some nuts for pressing nuts oil and prepare the starting place of his sledge with apples to make two muddy and slippery skid lanes. You see, it was very important to me that Santa Claus could come, because it was supposed that I should get the FSX that Christmas Eve. Supposed? Yeah, because it was the only wish on my wish list. Flight Simulator as a Christmas gift? You know, Santa Claus don't likes this modern stuff very much. But he took a try. On the picture below you can see him flying and testing the newest scenery of that year. As you can well imagine he choosed a plane in red and white. Guess he was humming Amazing Graz at these moments. And the result of his test flight? Must have been like this: he kept the FSX for himself and I had to fly with FS9 another long year. (In the end this was not so bad - but this is another story.) But now I'm very happy with my FSX. On the outskirts of Amazing Graz, Austria (Please, click for full size and full resolution of the scenery. And enjoy all the details in the landscape.) Looks a little bit like bow and arrow, isn't it?
  8. American way of life (click for full size and full resolution): Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas
  9. Stunning atmosphere in black and white! Well done! Thought it should be historic, but I like the modern 747 as well. My favorite is "Pamela Marie". Ten years ago I could not imagine that flightsimulation will come so far. Means: young lady in the cockpit of this rustic warbird 😉 No, joke. Means: all these details and realistic looking weathering. And I write this though I don't like warbirds very much.
  10. Some aerobatics and cruising around the famous Matterhorn in Switzerland
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