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Problem with Oslo and Trondheim in P3D.V5


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8 minutes ago, Rynis123 said:


After that I upgrade Oslo and Trondheim airports  In P3D V.5 I have problem with big red crosses on airports. What is wrong?


Most likely you still have the old xml in the Sode folder from former v4 install.

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Never install a Addon to the documents\P3D addons folder, as long as it is not a non selectable fix destination path. This folder is reserved for addons, explicitly use this Path per design. When the user select this path, when the addons is not design for it, a total chaos will be the result.

I already recommended it to Aerosoft to block this path in there installers, as long as it is not the fixed define path by the development and not changeable by the user.

So use a Path like x:\P3D-Addons on the disk/drive/partition you have space for addons.

And never install Addons below the system path „Program files (x86)“, this generate other trouble

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@Rynis123To delete the red X`s go into C-Program Data - 12bPilot- SODE-XML. Delete the old xml files for Oslo and Trondheim. Or, if you do not know what are the old ones, then delete all xml files . Thereafter deinstall and reinstall the both sceneries. Thats have had helped me. That is was masterhawk means as well obove.

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