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  1. Seit der EDDH SimWings Version für MSFS sind die Bahnen 05/23 vertauscht. Wenn man sich default auf der Bahn 23 einloggt, steht man auf der 05............minor item, aber irgendwie blöd nicht wahr ..;)
  2. All FSLab Airbus A319 up to A321 with EDDH Prof . In Hamburg EDDH with newest P3DV5 SIM-Wings scenery and GSX is a too big gap between door 1L and Jetway. It is very dangerous for passengers and crew. See photo attached
  3. Hello Aerosoft`ler .! Please answer to my question above. I guess further updates coming via the Content Manager. I`m right ?
  4. I bought and automatic installed Trondheim in MSFS. In MSFS its located in "Official Folder" and visible in the Content Manger. But not in the ASUpdater. Is it right ? I understood: AS- Products got from AS direct and installes manually via a .exe Installer are visible in the ASUpdater. AS - Products got via MSFS-Marketplace and automatic installed ( without a .exe flile ) are not in the AS Updater. I guess further updates coming via the Content Manger. I`m right ? Lothar
  5. The shaking still remain with 30 to 40 frames. But, sorry, since I `m using FSLab A320 in P3Dv5 , this bug is`nt important for me. Thanks Lothar
  6. Got P3Dv5 Hotfix 2 , newest A320 - Series: In Cruise I always have a slight shake in VC. No matter if there is little or strong wind . Also without weather. It's annoying because it's uninterrupted. Only when you go into the approach does it stop with decreasing speed. With the A330 it is normally quiet in the VC. Regards Lothar
  7. Thanks ENVA for P3DV4 and P3DV5 now updaded to Version . For P3DV4 download the new installer and for P3DV5 run the Configurator from 1040 up to 1060. Thanks to dev. Regard Lothar
  8. @Rynis123To delete the red X`s go into C-Program Data - 12bPilot- SODE-XML. Delete the old xml files for Oslo and Trondheim. Or, if you do not know what are the old ones, then delete all xml files . Thereafter deinstall and reinstall the both sceneries. Thats have had helped me. That is was masterhawk means as well obove.
  9. @masterhawkI`ve forced ORB to stay below via the insertion point, but there is no success with the layers. The apron remain in grey , see the pic upon. It`s not so important. I use LittleNavmap on ground for taxi. All others airports working well. Those grey apron is in both scenery libaries - v4 and v5 Regards Lothar
  10. In the meantime I have removed the red X´s by deleting the ENVA SODE xml-files at Program Data - Sode- xml . And new installation and config of the scenery. But the elevation problem still exist. In the Scenery Library of P3dv5 I can`t the addon scenery not move up on top. The entry is grey and unmovable. Any solution ?
  11. Hi Jo, I`ve got several of the red X on ENVA in P3Dv5 with SODE 1.71 as well . In P3D4.5 the scenery woks verry well. Please rework your scenery for P3Dv5 as well or give me some informationen to repair that problem. The second problem is on P3dv4.5 and P3dv5 the afcad for apron. I`ve attached a screeshot from LittleNavmap. I`ve repeat several times the scenery data loading, but without succsess. I`m using all ORBX Products for Europe and Norway..........? Thanks Lothar
  12. Now Herman, AEROSOFT got this product in sale with the upgrade service as well: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/flight-simulator-x/szenerien/3082/polish-airports-vol.-1-x-v5?c=1616
  13. Thanks Herman, but I´m asking because SimMarket offered the DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - POLISH AIRPORTS VOL1 X (V5) FSX P3D already. But I bought he DD`s here vy Aerosoft. Lothar
  14. Can we expect the update for P3D v5 here and also the discount if we bought the other DRZEWIECKI DESIGN products here ? Gruß Lothar
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