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  1. FlightFactor has updated their A320 Ultimate to version 0.10.8. This is the first official update to the A320 Ultimate in some time, though there have been numerous beta updates in the past. The update comes with various fixes and improvements, such as improved performance on macOS, and fixes for VR mode. The team has also been hard at work to add a weather radar, a flight attendant panel to the EFB, some new cabin and galley controls, and interphone and PA announcement, amongst other things. Changelog Improved CPU usage on MAC Fixed clicks in VR mode Fixed communication with activation server Removed all spaces from the commands list and renewed the commands.txt file Weather radar added CIDS: added Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) to EFB CIDS: cabin and galley illumination control from FAP CIDS: cabin ready function CIDS: temperature control from FAP CIDS: cabin and mech calls, interphone, PA announcements and audio management CIDS: EVAC function Emergency lighting Heinz, please give an info for download via AEROSOFT Account. Grüße Lothar
  2. OKay, we`ll see later. It was a thought, because in my path " ProgramData/12bpilot/SODE/Simobjects " is no entry for EDDK Jetways or so. But take time, I` am on travel until the next 5 days. One more time - TY- danke euch für die Unterstützung Lothar
  3. @ Otto: <the xml file for EDDK is in that path - see picture. Maybe that will be a solution to copy the simobject file in the path by hand manually - mentioned by data 63 ? But now I unchecked SODE and continue life without SODE, as Otto said. The jetways working with "STRD + J" verry well. Thanks for your support.
  4. I checked, uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Now it gets even worse. No more jetways and only red crosses. In the forum of SODE nobody seems to answer any more. The registry is probably totally damaged by SODE. A complete cleaning of SODE seems to be quite complex, because it is hidden everywhere. So it would be nice if EDDK from Aerosoft could modify without SODE. I give up further actions with the EDDK /SODE. Too bad, but what is it ?
  5. data63: No, the SODE jetways are`nt visible, the red X´s only.
  6. The Section P3dV3 is unregistred because PD3 v4.5 is activ only on my PC
  7. TY Herman, yes I`ve made all these things. The newest Sode deinstalled, then new installed on a different folder, not (X86). The red x remained. Then CGN Prof deinstalled and reinstalled. Nothing. The SODE deinstalled again and new installed now unter (X86) again. The red X`s still remaining and no correct connect to SODE possible. The CGN Config Tool " Sode Gateway is switchable, but without correct function. Maybe there is somthing in the registry needed to remove (?)
  8. TY, in the meantime I got the static aircrafts, but some red X occured at the gates ( see picture)
  9. I`ve checked it again. The SODE files are unzipped in the library folder. Everything done - but the both aircrafts are still missing.......... Could be about with LOD Radius ? Have I to change the file ? Lothar
  10. I uninstalled EDDK Prof and reinstalled it on another SSD in my P3d v.4 PC. With updater also latest version on it. But the static planes ( e.g. D16 Norweagian and Ryanair behind ) have disappeared. The passengers get into the empty space. Everything activated in the config panel. Static aircraft .bgl is present. What could that be?
  11. Hi Heinz, is the new Version FF A320 ultimate available on AS Accout already ? Today, a major update of the FFA320 is available with VR being fully implemented. With a custom flight model and 100s of simulated real-life systems, this A320 is the most comprehensive airliner simulation you can find on a home simulator. A320 Ultimate by Flight Factor New: VR Compatible New: Alternative methods of cockpit interaction New: Connector (for hardware setup and home cockpits) Grüße Lothar
  12. Ein Freund und ich haben einen Simultanflug von EDDH nach EDDL mit der A319 Ver. gemacht. Wir hattten Fehler mit überlagerten Fonts und der FMGC rechntete die Höhen komplett falsch. Es begann schon mit der Höhe des Departure - Airports. Er zeigte gleich FL280 an, der gefeilte FL 280, statt die 53 feet . TOC und TOD wurden gar nicht berechnet. Wir sind nun beide auf die Version zurück und es wird fehlerfrei gearbeitet. Also wieder deinstallieren und und die, bzw. installieren. Bei der Installation muß ersteinmal der " experimental" Haken im Updater raus. Diese exeperimentale Version bitte in den Orbit schießen...... Die A320/A321 - Serie haben wir nicht geprüft, mache ich aber einmal morgen. Ich bin erschüttert, daß AS soetwas unkommentiert dem Kunden hinterläßt.....:( Grüße Lothar
  13. After you have set "experimental" you have to close and the restart the updater. You`ll be happy then...😉
  14. The elevator trim wheel is depend by hydraulic power. You can use it after engine start or with electrical hydraulic pump in use on ground.
  15. Thank you Oliver and Andrew for the question as well. This explanation seems imortant for all user with a interroagation mark uopn there head..... Lothar
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