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  1. How can I delete the collections in my kneeboard all at once ?
  2. Yesterday on Vatsim I started in EDDB. P3Dv5 version ( although Mathijs already talked about update version in Novbemeber 2020 ?). The Apron was very full and there were inconsistencies with the entries on runway 25L. The taxiways M7, M8, M9 are completely wrong or missing ( M9). I would appreciate an update. Thats for the ground conroller easier. This airport is very popular online with VATSIM.
  3. I have reinstalled P3Dv5 with the latest hotfix 1 version.....131. Unfortunately I followed the recommendation and pressed "delete generated files". All addons were gone in the new P3Dv5. I then reinstalled the first sceneries Hamburg and Munich via Aerosoft one. The next day they disappeared in the addon library. Now I have reinstalled them without using Aerosoft one so that they do not disappear. P3D v5 seems to have a problem communicating with Aerosoft one. In the meantime I have installed Hamburg prof with the normal Installer. Now P3D ask for setting into P3D V5 addon folder. Answer with jes set it into the folder. This question I missed with the Aerosoft one tool. Now the Tool show me for Hamburg prof an " upgrade". For that I have to reinstall this scenery. But I`ll do it not. The best is to deinstall the Aerosoft one into the rubbish box. Is`nt it ? Grüße Lothar
  4. ........................checke, ob du (noch) in der XBox angemeldet bist. Kommt schon mal vor, daß man dort ausgeloggt ist.
  5. Thanks , Danke Oliver, so I did it and now its work. The second Tower is disappered. Grüße Lothar
  6. After the Update 6 ( DACH) I got in EDDH with SimWings EDDH 2 Tower at the Airport close behind.
  7. Seit der EDDH SimWings Version für MSFS sind die Bahnen 05/23 vertauscht. Wenn man sich default auf der Bahn 23 einloggt, steht man auf der 05............minor item, aber irgendwie blöd nicht wahr ..;)
  8. All FSLab Airbus A319 up to A321 with EDDH Prof . In Hamburg EDDH with newest P3DV5 SIM-Wings scenery and GSX is a too big gap between door 1L and Jetway. It is very dangerous for passengers and crew. See photo attached
  9. Hello Aerosoft`ler .! Please answer to my question above. I guess further updates coming via the Content Manager. I`m right ?
  10. I bought and automatic installed Trondheim in MSFS. In MSFS its located in "Official Folder" and visible in the Content Manger. But not in the ASUpdater. Is it right ? I understood: AS- Products got from AS direct and installes manually via a .exe Installer are visible in the ASUpdater. AS - Products got via MSFS-Marketplace and automatic installed ( without a .exe flile ) are not in the AS Updater. I guess further updates coming via the Content Manger. I`m right ? Lothar
  11. The shaking still remain with 30 to 40 frames. But, sorry, since I `m using FSLab A320 in P3Dv5 , this bug is`nt important for me. Thanks Lothar
  12. Got P3Dv5 Hotfix 2 , newest A320 - Series: In Cruise I always have a slight shake in VC. No matter if there is little or strong wind . Also without weather. It's annoying because it's uninterrupted. Only when you go into the approach does it stop with decreasing speed. With the A330 it is normally quiet in the VC. Regards Lothar
  13. Thanks ENVA for P3DV4 and P3DV5 now updaded to Version . For P3DV4 download the new installer and for P3DV5 run the Configurator from 1040 up to 1060. Thanks to dev. Regard Lothar
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