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EDDK V5 not shown in P3D V5


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first of all i want to thank all of you for the ongoing support and the updating to V5. I really appreciate this and it´s not mandatory at all developers.


I have installed EDDK with the V5 installer and it´s installed in the right place and i was able to configure EDDK to my wish, so everything seemed ok. But when i took EDDK as location it didn´t showed up in P3D. Only the default EDDK. The reason was, that the add-on xml wasn´t created by the V5 installer. After i´ve added EDDK via xml with lorby´s it shown in the SIM. I haven´t had this issue with all the other Aerosoft airports, like LEPA etc. When those where running thru the V5 installer a message came up while P3D startup if i wish to activate the new found add-on. But that doesn´t came up after EDDK install.

May you could have a look on that in the installer of EDDK. There must be something different to the other installers.



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well, it came up for me surprisingly too, because all other V5 installers for blearic islands, Heathrow, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. did their job well. It´s just for head up that there could be something not 100 % right and because the installers stay available in you customer account, it´s worth to make sure everything is as it should be...

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The installers are registering the addons direct in the add-on.cfg. So there won’t be a question on P3D Startup.

This questions appear only for addons that place their add-on.xml in the „.../documents/prepar3dv5 addons/[addonfolder]“ folder and do not register therefore by itself.
We do not recommend to install there, as our addons are registering itself. Be sure to have the required privileges for the installer.

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