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  1. Oliver and Fabio, Top of library is not good if other add-ons are in use. Beat578 said it right. The insertion point of OrbX Airports should be below the lowest "non-Orbx airport". If there is an airport which is not injected by an add-on.xml but via the legacy scenery.cfg, the insertion point should be set below that add on. To Fabio i recommend to take a look at Lorby´s add-on organizer. Especially if you have competing add-on injectors like OrbX, you stay in control what is where ordered in your SIM.
  2. well, it came up for me surprisingly too, because all other V5 installers for blearic islands, Heathrow, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. did their job well. It´s just for head up that there could be something not 100 % right and because the installers stay available in you customer account, it´s worth to make sure everything is as it should be...
  3. exactly that! Indeed it´s a little bit of bad english. It shouls say "copy into..." instead of copy below...
  4. first of all i want to thank all of you for the ongoing support and the updating to V5. I really appreciate this and it´s not mandatory at all developers. I have installed EDDK with the V5 installer and it´s installed in the right place and i was able to configure EDDK to my wish, so everything seemed ok. But when i took EDDK as location it didn´t showed up in P3D. Only the default EDDK. The reason was, that the add-on xml wasn´t created by the V5 installer. After i´ve added EDDK via xml with lorby´s it shown in the SIM. I haven´t had this issue with all the other Aerosoft airports, like LEPA etc. When those where running thru the V5 installer a message came up while P3D startup if i wish to activate the new found add-on. But that doesn´t came up after EDDK install. May you could have a look on that in the installer of EDDK. There must be something different to the other installers. Cheers Bernd
  5. ahhh very very nice, Mathijs! The long awaited two finger zoom for touchdisplays and the nightmode is cool. Thank you Bernd
  6. Just for information, that only the airport charts not loading. The Route-Charts can be seen. If this may help...
  7. Shouldn´t be a too big challenge for you, if you can cope with this nice slice of meat in your avatar.
  8. oh that´s easy. Take this one for the captain side (which is left handed) and put this on the VPC Warbird Base from VIRPIL controls. This is very near at the real one which i had touched and moved already.
  9. just checked right now while i´am posting this. No charts!
  10. Aerosoft weiss bereits bescheid und arbeitet an dem Fix. Steht im englischen Forum zu NavDataPro.
  11. Hi Stephen, because I took your time to support me, I just want to inform you, that meanwhile I´ve decided to subscribed to Aerosoft´s NavDataPro + Charts annual update. And now, since I use always the actual airac cycle within PFPX, the routing AND the altitudes computed by PFPX are correct, or better to say make more sense to me again. So it seems, that the complex parameters PFPX v2 is taken into account while computing the routing works much better if the airac data is more actual. I have to say MEA CULPA, because i´ve blamed PFPX first instead of looking if there is may be an issue on my side. reg. Bernd
  12. What? Outdated😲´s just from ...well, 1805..😊 but it works fine for me because all other addons using the same AIRAC. It was done from ToTom and it´s based on the Airbus template that came with PFPX V1.28, but It was slightly reworked to fit with the corresponding TOPCAT file and with the performance of the related aircraft.cfg in P3D for the Jeehell FMGS. I will try your way because it should work with my Airbus anyway. Well i use always AS16 live weather. But for the OFP files i produced today for posting i just used the live weather by PFPX because i didn´t want to start my whole cockpit network.
  13. Oh sorry, Stephen i will not forget that i really appreciate your help especially at this time of day👍😀. I´am sure i will come back with the one or another question, once i understand how PFPX wants to be used. I thought i know it already because in version 1.28 i´ve never ran into those issues.🤨 Thank you much and have a good night. reg. Bernd
  14. It seems that i need to go even deeper in dispatching. But it would be helpfull if the Manual for PFPX would give some help to understand all the settings and restrictions and what ever and how they influent the flightplan computing in PFPX.🤨
  15. Ok, now i think i begin to understand. But what do you think about the Route from EDDF to EDDN. I think you agree that you will not see an airliner at a FL090 and this is an actual leg that is served by Lufthansa 6 days a week. including returnflight.
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