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Bad Autoland


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i have just done an autoland into LPPT where the weather was  LPPT 070030Z 22006KT 4000 BR SCT001 BKN002 16/16 Q1019 (decreasing to become LPPT 070130Z 23006KT 0600 R21/P2000 PRFG SCT000 BKN001 16/16 Q1019) and looking at the after landing report it showed as ...513 FPM .. Seems very hard to me and it set off the printer when i left the runway so i knew it was a hard one . ... The load i used and the report are below.





wx 2.jpg

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

This is not easy to answer, but yes Autoland can be hard, harder then manual landing. As frequent traveller in th last years I experienced only 2 autolands (they where announced by the cockpit crew).

- bothe were SAS

- in EHAM with a CRJ 900 was very smoth

- in ENGM with a 737, was quite hard.

From our RL pilots I heard that indeed Autoland can be harder. But it depends of course from the circumstances, e.g. how close it was to the limits for autolands for a specific aircraft.

Within our product range, I experienced that the autoland with the A330 is smoother then with the smaller Buses, so it might also depend on the aircraft and its characteristics.

But smooth manual landings always depend on the pilot skills. ;)

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Thanks for that , would it set off the landing G report just after touchdown in the real Airbus? 500+ fpm does seem excessive ..maybe a slight tweak to auto land flare could be done if its possible. 

Take care and stay safe 

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Do you have activesky? I did 5 autolands and they all suckered from 500fpm to 600fpm with just like 2knots of variable winds. I noticed at flare mode the plane was nosing down  up a lot but the pitch was low litch of 2.5. Believe A330 requires a final flare of 5 to 7.5 pitch up for proper touchdown.


I so far only had 1 good autoland with 82fpm with direct 5knot headwind but this was months ago probably on an older versions of Aerosofts a330.

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