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  1. Since the previous version to the current full build, I never managed to get the hotkeys to work. I have it enabled on the MCDU options, but whenever I press '1', nothing happens. I always have to manually press the next checklist. Just wondering if this is happening to others as well? The only add-on I use are REX SF+EF, ChasePlane, FS RealTime.
  2. Not at all, I just thought I'd point out what appears to be a minor issue. I don't have EZDok or any anti virus installed aside from the Windows Defender. I also remove the entire Aerosoft folder from the My Documents folder when I updated to I will give @DaveCT2003's suggestion a try to change the load state to turn around. I used that state before and never seem to encounter any issues with the switch when using a state other than cold and dark.
  3. I'm using Please checkout the video below. Notice the twitching on the switch. I thought it was a mouse wheel issue, but even when I use the left click, it still behaves like that the first time you touch the NAV lights switch from a cold and dark state. Second instance
  4. I'm using the A320 CFM. No, not using the checklist or co-pilot. When the loaded state is cold and dark. Turning on NAV lights from off position to flickers for a few times, before it moves to #1. (Imagine as if your mouse scroll wheel is broken, but it's actually not
  5. I initially thought it was a mouse scroll wheel issue, but even with left clicks, it takes a few clicks before the NAV & LOGO lights turn to 1 from a cold & dark state. How to re-create: 1. Start from a cold & dark state 2. Turn on NAV LIGHTS (you will see the issue....or not :D)
  6. Number 5 of the Airbus Golden Rules: Know your FMA at all times.
  7. Thanks. So I guess the solution if using REX SF is to download the PMDG Weather File from SimBrief; where should I save this file in order for the Airbus to read it? (Assuming that REX doesn't already do this)
  8. I am using REX SkyForce 3D as my weather engine; it's a hit and miss, sometimes I get the wind alofts, sometimes I do not. I always load a flight plan on REX. Hoping for some clear answers on this. I notice that it tends to work with ActiveSky more consistently.
  9. On almost all the landings in this a/c I also keep the power all the way till the mains touch the ground or just before. Just like in my drag filled LSA in our local club. I've not tried a full autoland again, but I will give another feedback once I get another chance...but I can certainly remember the last time was so hard that it triggered a hard landing printout, _with power all the way down at that.
  10. I reported this issue before, and I was told that it was "normal". But my observation was that the aircraft does little to no flare. I will do another one and record it and post it here.
  11. For what it's worth....I was one of the early reporters of this issue way back. I've never encountered this error again since the last 2 experimental updates. My past few hundred hours of flights are problem free. Except for that stubborn GSX that keeps on leaving the door open! lol
  12. I noticed that if you activate VHF2 it stays activated on vPilot even after you turn it off in the comms panel. So in vPilot it stays on 'receive' only mode instead of becoming deactivate completely. Edit: just saw this, but the original issue still persist as described above EDIT BY STAFF: This post was merged with the post above.
  13. I was almost about to buy that's why lol
  14. Hello AS team! Since the latest experimental update, I just noticed there's now a yellow box around the FOB display in the ECAM. I just wanted to quickly ask if this is normal? EDIT: LOL Disregard. Reminder to self: always check fuel pump switches!
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