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  1. I get this most of the time...after moving the aircraft...the elevator should start working again. I use GSX only.
  2. Hi Dave, I neither have a registered version of FSUIPC and EZDok.
  3. I got a D3D (I forgot the exact code) error halfway thru the flight. Shut down. And tried again few hours later the exact same flight. I was able to finish it, no issues.'s like Windows and P3D sometimes throw tantrums and you just have to roll with it.
  4. I already tried running a complete system scan using Windows Defender and also System File Checker and found no errors/malware.
  5. Test # 4 Loaded the Aer Lingus A320. ASP4 weather. No loaded FP. Just RPLL/RPLL, auto-filled INIT-B, PERF pages completed. After takeoff, turned on AP, then turned on WING and ENG ANTI ICE in that order... No CTD. Test # 5 Loaded the Airbus livery A321. ASP4 weather. Loaded FP RPLL/VHHH. After takeoff, turned on AP, then turned on WING and ENG ANTI ICE in that order. No CTD. Test # 6 Loaded my 3rd party Philippine Airlines repaint for A321 (originally for AXE by Holgi). ASP4 weather. Loaded FP RPLL/VHHH. After takeoff, turned on AP, then turned on WING (wait after 5 seconds) and ENG ANTI ICE in that order. CTD. Same faulting module. ucrtbase.dll. Test # 7 Loaded the Air Berlin A321. ASP4 weather. Loaded FP RPLL/VHHH. After takeoff, turned on AP, then turned on WING and ENG ANTI ICE in that order. No CTD.
  6. Tried again for the 3rd time. Same errors. Same results. I will try to recreate for the 4th time. I will try this time without any FP. Just RPLL/RPLL, INIT-B filled up, and PERF filled up with takeoff speeds.
  7. I encountered 2 consecutive CTD with ucrtbase.dll as the faulting module. I'm flying the A321. RPLL-VHHH. The first CTD crashed right after I turned on WING and ENG anti-ice. The second attempt, I tried to turn both again a few minutes after departure. Got the exact same CTD and exact faulting module.
  8. This happens to me randomly, on any route. Especially when step climbing to a STEP ALT. After dialing the new alt on the FCU and pushing the knob, the FMA shows OP CLB instead of showing CLB. No other peculiar things happen other than the wrong FMA indication.
  9. I don't get the hype with PBR when you're spending most of the time inside the cockpit anyway and not looking at it externally. The scenery PBR for example in ImagineSim WSSS are barely noticeable. The only thing I notice is the increase in GPU usage.
  10. In my video above this was the route I was flying: KDCA/19 SOOKI4 SWANN BROSS J42 RBV J222 JFK ROBUC3 KBOS/22L
  11. I updated to the latest non-exp build earlier, and noticed this issue while I was on the ROBUC3 arr to KBOS. Prepar3D 2019.04.19 -
  12. Uninstall the product from your windows settings -> add or remove programs (Suggested) delete the General folder and .cfg from Documents/Aerosoft folder Download and install the installer from your Aerosoft account This worked for me.
  13. Earlier I was able to try a CATIII autoland in JFK because the wx definitely calls for it. Landed on rwy 04R with a good headwind, and light-moderate gusts. I was expecting a more graceful touchdown on FLARE mode, but it just dropped onto the runway, and I got a printout for a hard landing. I will try to do another one now, maybe several, and post a video here if it's the same results everytime. I understand that autoland should be somewhere in the -300~400 zone, a firm landing, but the AP behavior seems more of a controlled crash.
  14. I reinstalled only the client and content, no issues so far, frames are the same. But the thing is I don't use any shader mods, cfg edits etc. Just the sceneries, GSX, ORBX, add-on A/C.
  15. Hello all. Please see the screenshot attached. I have ADE disabled for LPPS in my FTX Vector config. LPMA works just fine. Only this weird error in LPPS. Even with terrain mesh/resolution maxed.
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