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CRJ Pro doesn't follow ILS - problem with APR mode

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Good evening,

I have a problem: every time I try to use an ILS approach, when I push APR, my plane turn to course 360, and this, whatever I choose FMS or VOR/ILS as nav source.

Everything works well EXCEPT the APR! (the same approcach works well with airbuses (A318-19-20-21 and 330).

I have uninstalled/reinstalled the plane 2 times (with total clean of all CRJ folders each times), did a Ccleaner. I have uninstalled the CRJ, uninstalled/reinstalled P3D client (but my P3D was already up to date) and then reinstalled the CRJ (each tim without antiviruses and computer restart between each uninstallation/reinstallation ....).

Can you help me please ? (I didn't have this problem with your previous CRJ)


Initial state before pushing APR



APR pushed



Plane heading North!!!



BRG is good in the FMS (225°)



With the VOR/ILS as source of nav:


APR pushed --> turn heading North!







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