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  1. Good morning, I have this message about a virus infection (Jeefo.A) in some LIMC files (fig below; sorry it's in French: the files are listed under "Eléments affectés"). Does someone encountered this issue ? Denis
  2. Dear Hans; In Fact P3Dv4.5 works very well as well as all addons (including Aerosoft) EXCEPT the CRJ Pro which doesn't follow the ILS path and systematically goes to CRS 360° when the localizer becomes alive. Again ILS work perfectly with all my other addons (Aerosoft airbuses, Carenado etc.).
  3. Thank you for your answer. No I don't use a hardware knob for course and heading select A clean install (if I read well the forums) means that I have to reinstall ALL my addons (I have so many...) after? I had to do this to solve a problem of hyper climb rate for the Buses ... if I need to do it after each AEROSOFT upgrades, it's infernal. :-( D
  4. I Have a similar problem ... still no response from Aerosoft
  5. Good evening, I have a problem: every time I try to use an ILS approach, when I push APR, my plane turn to course 360, and this, whatever I choose FMS or VOR/ILS as nav source. Everything works well EXCEPT the APR! (the same approcach works well with airbuses (A318-19-20-21 and 330). I have uninstalled/reinstalled the plane 2 times (with total clean of all CRJ folders each times), did a Ccleaner. I have uninstalled the CRJ, uninstalled/reinstalled P3D client (but my P3D was already up to date) and then reinstalled the CRJ (each tim without antiviruses and computer restart between each uninstallation/reinstallation ....). Can you help me please ? (I didn't have this problem with your previous CRJ) Initial state before pushing APR APR pushed Plane heading North!!! BRG is good in the FMS (225°) With the VOR/ILS as source of nav: APR pushed --> turn heading North!
  6. Hello everybody, I would like to find any AIRFRANCE livery please. For example : http://bdd.deltareflex.com/cns_affiche.php?image=2871 Thank you D
  7. Hi all So, Mega airport london Heathrow, Barcelona professional, Napoli, Paris CDG, ... are not yet supported in the updater (or will never be?)? Best Denis
  8. Hello Anyone has a CCM livery for A320 (or other busses) professional?
  9. Thank you tom! I haven't seen that there was a topic (it's not mentioned in this page : https://www.aerosoft.com/fr/simulation-de-vol/news/aerosoft-a320/a321-professional-update- Perhaps should you add a link to avoid the same question from costumers. thank you again for your help Denis
  10. Hi I've seen that " The Prepar3D V4.3 add-on "Aerosoft A318-319 and A320/A321 professional" has been updated to version " I don't see those updates when I open the Aerosoft updater! (it tells me that the version of A318-19 and the of A320-21 are the installed version and that no updates are available!) Should I reload the new versions ( and install them (=without using the Aerosoft updater)? If yes, should I uninstall the previous versions first? Thanks for your help Denis
  11. In 3 words: I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! Thank you Aerosoft ... Denis
  12. Hi Guenter did you find how to solve this? regerds Denis
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