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  1. But now it works :-) That's the most important héhé Thank you again for the high quality planes you make Denis
  2. Hi everybody The problem is FINALLY solved with the new update of the CRJ pro ( version released this week! Consequently, the error was indeed due to the coding of the aircraft and not to our way of installing it! After several installations of P3D and the aircraft, he was systematically heading 360 when I activated the ILS approach ... what a headache! Now the plane follows the ILS perfectly. I can finally rediscover the pleasure of flying with this plane after having reluctantly left it in the hangar for over a year and a half. D
  3. Good morning, I have this message about a virus infection (Jeefo.A) in some LIMC files (fig below; sorry it's in French: the files are listed under "Eléments affectés"). Does someone encountered this issue ? Denis
  4. Dear Hans; In Fact P3Dv4.5 works very well as well as all addons (including Aerosoft) EXCEPT the CRJ Pro which doesn't follow the ILS path and systematically goes to CRS 360° when the localizer becomes alive. Again ILS work perfectly with all my other addons (Aerosoft airbuses, Carenado etc.).
  5. Thank you for your answer. No I don't use a hardware knob for course and heading select A clean install (if I read well the forums) means that I have to reinstall ALL my addons (I have so many...) after? I had to do this to solve a problem of hyper climb rate for the Buses ... if I need to do it after each AEROSOFT upgrades, it's infernal. :-( D
  6. Good evening, I have a problem: every time I try to use an ILS approach, when I push APR, my plane turn to course 360, and this, whatever I choose FMS or VOR/ILS as nav source. Everything works well EXCEPT the APR! (the same approcach works well with airbuses (A318-19-20-21 and 330). I have uninstalled/reinstalled the plane 2 times (with total clean of all CRJ folders each times), did a Ccleaner. I have uninstalled the CRJ, uninstalled/reinstalled P3D client (but my P3D was already up to date) and then reinstalled the CRJ (each tim without antiviruses and computer restart between each uninstallation/reinstallation ....). Can you help me please ? (I didn't have this problem with your previous CRJ) Initial state before pushing APR APR pushed Plane heading North!!! BRG is good in the FMS (225°) With the VOR/ILS as source of nav: APR pushed --> turn heading North!
  7. Hello everybody, I would like to find any AIRFRANCE livery please. For example : http://bdd.deltareflex.com/cns_affiche.php?image=2871 Thank you D
  8. Hello Anyone has a CCM livery for A320 (or other busses) professional?
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