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  1. I've noticed something similar. I get massive fps fluctuations once the displays come on. I have a very strong PC and yet still it causes the FPS to dip down into 20fps and below. This also happened even on my old PC. I've tried tons of settings limiting and unlimiting fps to no avail. It seems there is something quite wrong.
  2. Any chance this has been fixed? It has been quite some time to go with a basic feature not working correctly.
  3. Yeah not really worth using an addon if you have to reinstall P3D entirely everytime there is a little issue.
  4. Yep this plane doesn't even follow heading select at the moment. Regret buying the updated pro version for sure.
  5. I think there is some confusion between a couple things. A sort of "input lag" and actual rate of pitch. Sure in a conventional cable pulley flight control system airplane, a larger aircraft might have a slower rate of pitch for the same control deflection. However aircraft designers can augment this in different ways with larger tail surfaces, control surface deflections, etc. If they weren't able to do so, you could imagine a 747 that has manual and hydraulic controls would be nearly impossible to control compared to maybe a 737-700. The difference in aircraft size is so great that with that argument you'd expect a 747 to be uncontrollable in comparison. However in the real world if you compare, they are both able to attain similar 2-3 deg per second of pitch on rotation with little delay and with a relatively similar yoke movement. Even with conventional controls that design is indeed possible. With FBW the possibilities are endless. As you say yourself, the A320 family flies similar because of the FBW. An A318 and an A321 tend to feel the same no? Well as far as I know that isn't actually 100% the case but I think that goes beyond the scope of the simulation. Now what I think this user is talking about is not the rate at which the airplane can change pitch, but the response from the controls. If he makes a control deflection, there is a gap in time until the aircraft actually responds to the movement. The rate at which the airplane actually pitches up could be as fast or slow as you like. However if you go full aft on the stick at VR and the nose doesn't lift until beyond V2, that could be a problem. Now I wonder how this would look from an external view. Is it a case of the elevator itself responding slowly, or does it go full up and then there is some delay until the aircraft actually pitches?
  6. On departure the CRJ PRO has some trouble flying a heading. For example: In the video departing from KMSP 12R, say ATC gives you a heading of 160 on departure. As you can see it overshoots the selected heading and then slowly works its way back. I find that the farther the aircraft has to turn, the more it overshoots, and in some cases, never even attempts to turn back the other way. It seems like the AP isn't given enough authority to change roll quickly at lower speeds. In this particular instance I didn't load any crazy flightplan or anything, just loaded the RST1 SID from 12R from the default panel state. I've had this issue happen on nearly every vectored departure leg I've tried. Most recent version of P3Dv4 and CRJ Pro. Also quick sidenote? Is the intc crs function ever coming back? I see in a few threads you say it disappeared for no reason but no sign of it returning.
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