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Still doubting if I will update my CRJ.


I do not like HDR. Whatever I try I do not get realistic colours, so I disabled HDR.

In the specs of the CRJ professional HDR is stated as required.


Can you use it without HDR?


Gtz Jacob


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The Developer has include on Option for those People do not want to use HDR:


We provide an alternative texture set for users who don't use HDR (or use shaders that darken the view).

Normal Textures: textureVC_metalHDR.7z
Brighter Textures: textureVC_metalNonHDR.7z

Please unpack the archive of your choice to: "Aerosoft CRJ Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft CRJ-700 Pro\TextureVC"


But at time I not seen any Picture how the Panel looks when removed the original files.



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HDR lokks very good, nothing wrong with the colours. Make sure you have turned off (or put it at least to nearly zero) Bloom and all other settings in HDR should not be above "1".

Other reasons for "wrong" colours:

- shader stuff

- monitor badly calibrated.

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