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Tom A320

Repaints/ Liveries - One week after release

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Plan to add a few more to that number soon Tom.....

Some liveries are very tricky to paint...especially when there is a special paint used by the airline.

American is one of them...and in order for it to look right...you not only have to get the color right, but also do a gradient paint...a tricky skill in Photoshop.

Anyway, you can clearly see the difference between just the flat paint applied on the tail texture map and the custom gradient applied to the nose and mid maps.



Next....You have to work on the alpha channel to get the reflections and glint right for a metallic paint....Here is the standard alpha channel with no mods...



And here it is after some editing of that channel....less "shiny" and more "metallic"



Its things like this that greatly influence the time it takes to do a livery...so its never wise think a paint should take X amount of time based on a set formula (i.e., you took X hours to paint your last one..so the next one "should" take about the same time) Hehe.

Be patient when waiting for paints, and if your painter is working through the details, you'll be rewarded with a great looking paint....if he's rushed and just tries to push it out the door after slapping some logos on it...well...you know. :)


Heck...I can't tell you how many Lufthansa paints I've done over the years...and when I took on the A330, I thought I'd knock it out in a few hours.  Even re-using a lot of material I used for other models, it still took me all weekend to get all the details right to finally produce this:


Anyway....hope to add a few more to the list soon...ones I know I'll fly in the future. ;)




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This is clear evidence that the community was eagerly awaiting for this A330. Congratulations, i hope it continues to be a success and that more models can come out due to this.

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