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  1. Yeah i figured. It's a "wish list" anyway, not even a request because i know it's not something you can do in 4-5 hours.
  2. I recently got the A330 after the release for v5 and i have zero issues. Very well done aircraft, generally respects all input, it has a few quirks here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. Performance is superb with my hardware and i have no P3D wind/temperature issues to report at all (obviously unrelated to the aircraft). I am an ActiveSky beta tester, i use it in all my flights and the only thing that happens is that the weather DEPICTION is not accurate yet, probably because TrueSky is still a beta implementation. Regarding the Airbus: - I wish the EGPWS sounds were of higher quality as they seem to have suffered quite a lot since the A320 family was released. They sound distorted and not all have the same volume level. The A320 family has quite a lot better EGPWS sound quality as i said, so i am using those instead. - I wish the EFB could be hidden. Perhaps an MCDU option? - I wish there was a way to stop the table animation when reaching TOD. Perhaps an MCDU option? All in all a great product, so, congratulations.
  3. This is just a guess, i don't own Lukla so i cannot test it myself.
  4. That means your video card is streaming data from regular RAM and that process is very very slow. You still need to bring settings down some more most surely.
  5. Incredible detail. I had to wait until P3Dv4 came out until i managed to get such detail. Never managed this in FSX, simply superb.
  6. As can be seen here: https://prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2020/04/116506/
  7. You wait, it's all this conversation is about. Just read what's immediately above your question.
  8. We can only thank you for this. A sim is only as good as the addons it can run
  9. Getting the same error with the A318/A139. Works perfectly in v4, but generates this error in v5. All files have the right permissions as i have a script to make sure folders are owned by my user (again, works in v4), everything is ran as administrator. Tried to disable logging in the files but that doesn't seem to work. Also, is it possible to disable logging altogether, this seems really unnecessary when things are working perfectly which is usually the case (and enable them back if debugging is necessary)? Thanks!
  10. It's maybe being handled by an 8-bit number, so when it reaches 256, it goes back to zero and so on (257 = 1, etc). EDIT: Since it has been solved, it's a weird behaviour...
  11. Yeah i noticed it now on AVSIM and FSL, etc. Thanks Tom.
  12. Hello, Since the new year that the forum doesn't allow to switch to the "condensed" view and there used to be an error in the browser console which is now gone. This new forum software wasn't the best thing as a lot of space was wasted even in the condensed view, but now it's even worse because in some cases i can see as much as 4 threads in a 32" monitor... Is this something related to the forum programmers or some settings have been disabled? Happy New Year!
    Excellent repaint. Would you consider doing one Condor with the older (blue) colour scheme? Thank you!
  13. Sure thing Mathijs. I will also enable logging, so if it happens again i can also attach any generated logs. EDIT: On the first image, just to clarify, the icons are drawn in the wrong position, and when rotation to the ILS (in this case) eventually catches up, they remain aligned. I will try to replicate this with a video next time i fly there.
  14. Hello, I have noticed some glitches in the positioning of some ND indicators, such as DECEL and the "hockey sticks" as can be seen in the image below. This also happens occasionally in the A320. Route flown was LPPT/LPLA - BUSEN UZ21 GUNTI DCT 39N020W DCT BAVAS H121 LM. At a given point before descent (~50-60nm), i selected the ILS33 approach with transition in CUDLY, then flew direct CUDLY, just so you know what happened exactly. This is not the only situation where i've seen this, and it's not common. Another thing i noticed, but only really happened once, was after landing with AUTO/BRK medium then manual braking aftwerwards, the temperature of the brakes raised to a normal 190-200ºC. Then while taxiing with really minor braking applied, i noticed the brakes getting hotter. Getting to the gate which wasn't that far away and setting parking brakes, didn't change this situation much and the temperature raised to as much as 700º just before i shut down the simulator. Here is a picture at about 580ºC already at the gate. This doesn't look normal, i mean raising to 700 degrees without any additional effort on the brakes, it seems like the logic got stuck somehow and temperature kept raising. As i said, unable to replicate accurately and only noticed it once.
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