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Diff Press


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  • 2 months later...

I've had this now with; a/c climbs and eventually DIFF PRESS warning appears.

Data is:


A/c alt FL290




Cabin 1445 (t/o elevation at EDDS)

Rate 0

Delta P 9.5


PRESS CONT 1 (all switches default)

Cabin 1445

Rate 0 FPM

9.5 PSI

140 FT ldg elev.


No amount of messing with pressurization (cabin man alt, man rate, bleed) seems to make a difference.


Bleed config looks correct (left+right isolated, 45 psi in each system, packs on). Setting bleed manual + Bleed Source "Both Eng" actually closes the bleed valve on number 2; in fact the bleed source makes no sense at all:


Bleed L Eng = No bleeds - both 1+2 closed; packs L+R off.

Both Eng = Bleed 1 open, 2 closed, pack 2 off.

Bleed R Eng = Bleed 1+2 open, packs 1+2 on

Bleed APU (apu is stopped) = Bleed 1 closed, bleed 2 open, pack 1 off.



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Ok researching this a bit more, I think I was stuck in the pressurisation FLIGHT ABORT mode, since I did use TOGA to get airborne, but I had some issues getting the FD to follow the FMS, or SPEED mode to actually stop at ALTS. So I may have been messing around below 6000' with VSI < 1000 for a while, which I believe is a trigger for that.


Is there a way to cancel it?

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