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  1. Would like feed back as to whether I was doing the following correctly. I'm using CRJ Pro 700 in P3Dv4.5 with ORBX N/S Cali, and FSDT KLAX, KSFO. My P3D is updated with FSAerodata and apps updated with Navigraph to current AIRAC. Flight was CRJ 700 from KLAX to KSFO. I filed SUMMR2 .STOKD DCT SERFR.SERFR4 with expectation of Landing Rwy 28L. ATC gave us DAARK3.STOKD from 25R. I made the changes in the FMS Dep/App page and executed. I engaged NAV mode at about 800' and had no problems with navigation on the climbout and cruise. Just after SERFR, Oakland Center i
  2. petdocvmd

    Diff Press

    Any updates on this? Still getting Diff Press warning. Using update, P3D 4.5. Thx! Scott
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