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  1. jhawksley

    Diff Press

    Ok researching this a bit more, I think I was stuck in the pressurisation FLIGHT ABORT mode, since I did use TOGA to get airborne, but I had some issues getting the FD to follow the FMS, or SPEED mode to actually stop at ALTS. So I may have been messing around below 6000' with VSI < 1000 for a while, which I believe is a trigger for that. Is there a way to cancel it?
  2. jhawksley

    Diff Press

    I've had this now with; a/c climbs and eventually DIFF PRESS warning appears. Data is: A/c alt FL290 CPAM Cabin 1445 (t/o elevation at EDDS) Rate 0 Delta P 9.5 PRESS CONT 1 (all switches default) Cabin 1445 Rate 0 FPM 9.5 PSI 140 FT ldg elev. No amount of messing with pressurization (cabin man alt, man rate, bleed) seems to make a difference. Bleed config looks correct (left+right isolated, 45 psi in each system, packs on). Setting bleed manual + Bleed Source "Both Eng" actually c
  3. Well I should just emphasize - the colour problem is solved - the captain's offside VHF NAV problem still exists. Just to be clear 🙂
  4. Hello, In this aircraft, I think the VOR2 OBI is displaying the indication for VOR1 (which is a LOC in my case). Here's the scenario: I want to practice the EDDS ILS RWY25 plate, using VOR nav. Select the CRJ700, positioned RWY 25 at Stuttgart (starts engines running, ready for dep) Prior to departure, use the FMS RADIO page to tune NAV1 109.90 (ISTW, for the ILS shot later) and NAV2 109.20, for the departure and homing to LBU Ludwigsburg, which is the start of the plate. Turn on the VOR1 and VOR2 bearings on the display control
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