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Gran Canaria - Mountain on taxiway R1L

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Hi All, 


I've got the following problem with my Gran Canaria scenery. 

When I taxi from taxiway onto the holding point rwy 03L I encounter a mountain which on top of the taxiway.

I can drive over but I miss the taxiway.


This mountain stops the R1L holding point. 

Is there anyone who has the same problem as I have?


Are there any solutions to take?

I've tried the Vectors of ORBX to disable the elevation on this airport, but GCLP is not in that list to activate. 

Hope someone can help me out?


Thank you very much!




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1 hour ago, OPabst said:

First: Gran Canaria (GCLP) has no holdingpoint R01L

Second: Take care to set the Mesh to 2m or less (see manual) and check the „Hill“ again.



It's fixed indeed. When you take 5m less it's gone. 

When you use 10m it starts to come up. 


And sorry it was P3Dv4.4. 


Thank you for your help!


Have a nice day! 

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