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  1. Hi All, As unfortunately the website http://airlinerperformance.net/ is down I'm looking for the PFPX profiles for the CRJ's. Is there anyone who can send me those files? Thank you, Kind regards, Stefan
  2. Hi, It's fixed indeed. When you take 5m less it's gone. When you use 10m it starts to come up. And sorry it was P3Dv4.4. Thank you for your help! Have a nice day! This topic may be closed!
  3. Hi All, I've got the following problem with my Gran Canaria scenery. When I taxi from taxiway onto the holding point rwy 03L I encounter a mountain which on top of the taxiway. I can drive over but I miss the taxiway. This mountain stops the R1L holding point. Is there anyone who has the same problem as I have? Are there any solutions to take? I've tried the Vectors of ORBX to disable the elevation on this airport, but GCLP is not in that list to activate. Hope someone can help me out? Thank you very much!
  4. Sounds very nice, but are the developers very sure that the scenery will be released tomorrow? haha Otherwise I really hope that it can be released tomorrow. When i'll arrive back from my work, I hope the scenery is available to buy/download:d Can't wait to use my creditcard:D:D
  5. You're right! It seems the other way! Can't wait till friday! Hope to see more screens before release thanks!
  6. Just relax man! A couple months ago there was a release of the Rotterdam X scenery but where is the FS9 version? There are a lot or scenery's released for FSX but there isn't anyone of them for FS9 so what is the problem? It's impossible for the scenery developers to make every FS9 scenery compatible for FSX and so the same for FSX to FS9! I think you just have to be patient, and have respect for the developers and them results! And to Reiner: I hope to see this wonderfull scenery very soon! Can't wait for it! It looks great! Greetz!
  7. haha, it looks like that the first day when de addon is released, the spanish airspace is very busy, definitly the BCN airspace. Can't wait for the LONG holdings that day greetz
  8. First i think FS9 is easier to release and second, I think that are still more FS9 users than FSX users at all. Hope to see this beautifull addon very soon! Can't wait! HV5133 is waiting for pushback for a flight from AMS to BCN! greetzz
  9. Does someone know anything about a release date of periode? I hope some can give me that information. Thank you!
  10. It looks so very great! I've just one question. Does someone know the release date for this addon? I thought the first date they gave was in the middle of april. So i hope someone can give me some more information about the release date. Thank you very much! Stefan
  11. This looks awesome!!! Very good work guy's!! Is there any release date known? I hope vto fly very soon to this beatifull airport! thanks,
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