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FSX - Crash when trying to eliminate discontinuity at end of route

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When filing a flight (in this example, KDTW to KBUF) into the FMS, I would go through the following sequence:

  1. Enter origin, destination, alternate, and flight number
  2. Go to the DEP/ARR page and select the appropriate departure and runway
  3. Go back to the route page (NOTE: At this point, the route will show the departure procedure and transition, but the next line will be a discontinuity)
  4. Enter the next waypoint (DKK) into the discontinuity line (NOTE: The discontinuity will just move to the next line


This time, I decided to try something different to get rid of the discontinuity line:

  1. Go to the LEGS page
  2. Copy the "DKK" line and paste it into the discontinuity (didn't work)
  3. Paste it ahead of the discontinuity (NOTE: At this point, the original DKK line disappeared and is replaced with DIRECT)
  4. After the above, I tried entering DKK into the blank DIRECT line that was created, which made the direct line disappear.
  5. Tried it again, and the sim crashed.


If needed, I could recreate it. Obviously won't try again unless specifically asked to...


This is FSX, with the experimental update as of today. Attached are the error dump files from the above.

fsx_62615_crash_2019_4_19T15_53_58C0.mdmp fsx_62615_crash_2019_4_19T15_54_33C1.mdmp

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Is there an update only for FSX?

I have no idea what "experimental update" you mean. Last Version for the CRJ´s is so far I know.


Do not use the leg page for building a flightplan



You can fill in a Rwy in "ORIG RWY" then you see automatic related SIDs or STARs to that Rwy.







Airways on the left side, Waypoints, VOR, Nav Aids on the right side



Regards, Wolfgang

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Then how do you eliminate that trailing discontinuity?


That's what I'm talking about, an attempt to delete the discontinuity in the legs page breaks the legs page. If you try to fix the damage by deleting the elements, it breaks the simulator and causes a CTD. 


And I know it's the wrong way to do things, I'm bringing up two topics here:

1) There's a trailing discontinuity that can't be erased

2) It's possible to CTD the sim very easily.




EDIT: To clarify, I thought this was an experimental update. It's not, I also have installed.

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Ok, here are some pictures that hopefully describe it better


You must first enter the complete flight plan in the MOD FPLN page, including SID and STAR.

A deletion of the "Discontinuity-Line" is not necessary there.


Then you go to the LEG-Page and check the waypoints and there you also correct double entries or "discontinuity lines". Do not delete!




Then go to the first waypoint under the discontinuity (picture 3) and press the button to the left. 

UVANO in my example will be set in the Statusline. 
Then push the button left of the Discontinuity. You can see the result in picture 4.



So it is not a delete, but more a move. This is comparable to the Boeing FMC.



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That's true if the discontinuity is in the middle of the route...


...but then how do you eliminate this discontinuity if it has nothing after it?





Then to the DEP/ARR page to select the KAYLN1 departure off 04R:



Hit execute, then to the legs page:



You can't delete the discontinuity, you can't put anything in front of it, you can't put anything in it, and like I said at the start of the topic, if you try hard enough to eliminate it on the LEGS page, you crash the sim.


I know you're trying to be helpful by telling me how it's supposed to be done, but I don't need help in figuring out how to make the flightplan in the MCDU, I'm trying to raise awareness of the fact that there's a trailing discontinuity, and that it's possible to CTD the sim.

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