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Experimental update now available

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This update fixes a few loose issues caused by the previous update (we seem to work in a tick-tock fashion with these experimental updates) and contains the latest version of Connected Flight Deck. Experimental (Including Connected Flight Deck)
    ----------> OVERWRITES LIVERIES <--------------
    Also indicated as
    Bug Fix: Fix in RAD NAV on VOR course
    Bug Fix: Fixes in Loadsheet report, wrong values when not using the FuelPlanner
    Bug Fix: Minor fix on RemoteCDU: it might be disabled under certain conditions.
    Bug Fix: Fixes related to magnetic variation on WPTs shown on F-PLN page (multiple leg types)
    Bug Fix: FMGSwas totally locked up on PRINT ALL for WX reports
    Bug Fix: Arrival airport data was sometimes unavailable when ALTN is also present, leading to issues like dashed UTC
,EFOB etc
    Bug Fix: Occasional exception when scrolling the ARRIVALS page
    Bug Fix: Fixes in F-PLN page, spd/mach
and alt values displayed incorrectly, constraints displayed incorrectly
    Bug Fix: During
firetest the engine fault light on pedestal now nolonger comes on
    Bug Fix: ELEC: GEN1+GEN2 "OFF" light logic inverted
    Bug Fix: HYD: ECAM page: Status of HYD pumps inverted
    Bug Fix: CTD happened on HOLD
    Bug Fix: Clearing the Flaps/Trim settings on RWY change
    Bug Fix: TO SHIFT clearing manually and also automatically on RWY change
    Bug Fix: PROG page: manually entered required RNP value was being overwritten, and also wrong font size;
    Bug Fix: PSD placement on a curve was incorrect, e.g. LEMD ILS32RZ VIA ASBIN
    Bug Fix: REPORT page: it was totally blank when the arrival airport wasn't selected.
    Bug Fix: CTD on WX request with the wind speed given in other units
    Bug Fix: ACARS: the wind speed from METAR REPORT wasn't converted when storing values (if given in different units, KMH or MPS)
    Bug Fix: the RNP value wasn't synced with FO MCDU;
    Bug Fix: incorrect indication for the RNP value with precision
    Bug Fix: enormous curves on ND caused by invalid navaid coordinates, if navaid isn't present in the active navdata

    Improvement: Connected Flight Deck activated for Open Beta
    Improvement: Tweaks to QNH/STD
    Improvement: More tweaks to PFD
    Improvement: ECAM COND: Temp drop to OAT made faster again when packs are switched off
    Improvement: GCS switch of WXR now springloaded toAUTO position
    Improvement: Multiple changes to DUPLICATES page
    Improvement: Tweaks for GSX2
    Improvement: layout for prints improved
    Improvement: ELEC: Several internal adaptations to match newer BUS logic from A320
    Improvement: Dual Input sounds added Experimental
    Bug Fix: State loading issues solved
    Bug Fix: New versions of Connect Flight Deck (still alpha code)
    Improvement: Further tweaks on GSX2 interaction
    Improvement: Small tweak to VC graphics


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