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  1. Flavio1

    Status update

    Because not everybody know 100% the plane and the procedures?
  2. You have only to reinstall the livery from Livery Manager, choose the .zip file and it do all for you.
  3. Flavio1

    Flight plan

    the file must be ICAOICAO01.flp
  4. Flavio1

    Thumbnail manquants

    See my link if it is useful for you.
  5. Many thanks Bill for your tips, I have created the aircrafts in Sim Brief using these data (found in Aircraft_xxx_xxx.xml) that could be useful for other pilots (let me know if there some errors) and now I will use your method for fuel planning.
  6. In the System requirements: there is CPU: Quad Core CPU with 3.5 GHz Now, I have a Quad Core with 3.2 GHz OC @ 3.4 this means that the product wil not work at all ?
  7. P3dv4.3 - A318 Prof - Navigraph cycle 1811 - Fuel planned with A3xx FuelPlanner LIRA SID=OST8E KONUT Z293 RONAB M740 ROBET LICG the constaints are correct, even after having entered ZFW/ZFWC0 (double click) Entered BLOCK with double click Atitude constraints are altered Is it my fault or a bug? Thanks Flavio
  8. I have the last update of Professional A318-9-20-21 During the climb in 2 different moments, just a few minutes away, the a/c suffered a sudden pitch with loss of speed and climb rate as you can see in the picture. No constraints no inputs from my side. What may have appened?
  9. Another suggestion for liveries (I am successful with it): 1 - install all liveries you want as you have always done 2 - from Livery Manager save the add-on liveries, it create a perfect zip file for future use.
  10. There is a way of listening to the checklist even during external views? Flavio
  11. Flavio1


    the right path is Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans
  12. @TheMadDocMD @Hoffie3000 the same for me
  13. Have you tried adding under model= EXTIAE or EXTIAENEWLH or EXTIAEShark or EXTIAESHRKJB ?