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  1. Opss ... you're right I paid attention only to the airports . Sorry 😬
  2. How many 8.000+ meters mountains will be in the scenery?
  3. As I wrote months ago ... I can live without RAAS the most important thing is that the airbus works
  4. I solved my problems (like yours) in that manner ...
  5. Try uninstalling RAAS (locked version supplied with Airbus).
  6. Flavio1

    view system Panel bar suddenly changes

    Move the mouse cursor over the view bar and (without cliking) use the mouse wheel.
  7. I see a downvote in my post, it must have been a humorouse phrase ... sorry for the misunderstanding
  8. @KBUR71 the first post was in October 2016 ... do not be in a hurry, it's not been a long time ...
  9. Flavio1

    Status update

    Because not everybody know 100% the plane and the procedures?
  10. You have only to reinstall the livery from Livery Manager, choose the .zip file and it do all for you.
  11. Flavio1

    Flight plan

    the file must be ICAOICAO01.flp
  12. Flavio1

    Thumbnail manquants

    See my link if it is useful for you.
  13. Many thanks Bill for your tips, I have created the aircrafts in Sim Brief using these data (found in Aircraft_xxx_xxx.xml) that could be useful for other pilots (let me know if there some errors) and now I will use your method for fuel planning.
  14. In the System requirements: there is CPU: Quad Core CPU with 3.5 GHz Now, I have a Quad Core with 3.2 GHz OC @ 3.4 this means that the product wil not work at all ?