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Departing on the CATH1 departure out of Palm Springs (KPSP), I got this creative little doodle on the ND.




For a little background, KPSP sits in a valley and depending on your direction requires some circling to attain altitude before departing the area.


I'm aware that this is known to occur and is not so much a bug, but it did get the waypoints a little incorrect.  After taking off from 31L, you're supposed to turn right to PSP, continue more or less straight to EMRUD, then turn right to PSP and then right to TNP (I'm not sure where STOWN comes from as it doesn't show on the SID chart but it's not a Bus issue and it's on the correct radial anyway).  Anyway, what George wanted to do was takeoff, turn right to PSP, then turn right at PSP to turn left to overfly EMRUD on its way back to PSP, which is basically backwards from the procedure (i.e. run a CCW loop instead of CW as the chart shows).  I flew the SID manually so it wasn't an issue, but is there any way to force the correct directionality in a situation such as this?



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This "creativity" is built-in feature and to be meant as a challenge for the pilot. ;)

To be serious, what you see also happens in real life and is sometimes corrected, when the real bus gets a new software update.

For the moment, when this happens during flight, best is to fly a DTO.


Some real creativity:

real nd error.JPG

real nd error2.JPG

real nd error3.JPG

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