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PFPX Not Responding on startup V2.03

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i am having same problem when opening pfpx version 2.3

the right hand side of the opening screen the world map screen is black

when i click anywhere in the window the whole window goes white and pfpx will not respond

i have redownloaded file

i have installed outside of programs file (x86)

i have made exception in windows defender

i have installed with admin rights

tried this about 4 times still cannot open pfpx properly

had this program a number of years now and never had any problems at all

win 10 p3d v4.4

anybody have any ideas please

jeff storey

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  • Aerosoft



this can definitely be the cause, as I know lots (tons) of other PFPX installations (including mine) which doesn't have any problems.


Please try to re-install the vc-redist package that came with your PFPX. You will find it in the "SupportFiles" folder below the PFPX program folder.


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thanks for reply's

i had installed the latest graphics driver 417.22 thought somehow that maybe the problem

so i have installed 397.64

but that did not work either

running out of things to try

never had this problem before

tried downloading file with another browser still does not work

thanks for anybody who is replying here


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I could only suggest reinstalling the 2017 vcredist with those linked HERE


Uninstall the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 runtimes in program manager, both x86 and x64 if installed. Reboot.


Install both the x86 ( required for PFPX ) and the x64 versions linked.


The only other change that I can see in the recent WIN10 updates is to the .NET package itself.

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no success with pfpx freezing on opening

tried various things to get this program to open as stated in previous posts

downloaded from different browsers

changed video driver from latest one to earlier version as in previous post

even returned bios to defaults

checked event log please see below

is there anybody out there who might be able to help me

if there is it will be very much appreciated


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3 minutes ago, cirurgiao said:

I have previous v1.28

Since we are writing about v2.03 just one question:

Do I need to uninstall v1.28 and install v2.03 AFTER that?



Whilst not essential I would recommend doing so, backing up your data first as posted HERE


Restore only data that you require.

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still cannot find out why pfpx will not open properly

uninstalled and re-downloaded a number of times now without success

installed to different drives

reinstalled video driver to earlier one

checked windows system files

reinstalled vc-redist x64 and x86

cant think of anything i can try now ran out of ideas

is there anybody out there who can help please


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hi hugo

i have spent countless hours trying to fix this

then i came across a utility called


i ran this utility and it repaired some files

after this pfpx worked ok

try it you have nothing to lose

let me know how you get on


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