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Closing topics?


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Why are you so quick to close topics?

The "Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it" is mighty annoying. I just looked at the push back topic, and I'm not in here everyday, so it feels pretty silly that even though 

I did have a follow up question, so now I have to open a new topic about the same thing.  Why can't you let at topic be open, at least a week before closing it?


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Can confirm this. Often it looks like you are handling like "Let's close this topic, before someone else confirms an issue, so we don't have to do something here". I don't presume it is like that. But the impression is there, when topics are closed before a customer can agree with a solution for example.

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vor 9 Minuten, Meyerflyer sagte:

Often it looks like you are handling like "Let's close this topic, before someone else confirms an issue, so we don't have to do something here".

Would like to see an example for this ;).


There are several reasons to close a topic:

- customer(s) "reports" something, gets a solution and says can be closed

- customer(s) reports a bug where the mods definitely now the customers is wrong, cause it has been adressed and being discussed multiple times. So solution/link is posted and the topic gets closed immediately.

- customer(s) reports a bug which is being acknowledged; such a topic might also be closed, as it brings no value, when others keep on posting "me too". It only floods the topic with useless content, pops up permanently as unread post when moderators check the forum.

- some topics/discussion are being closed by the Admin, cause continuing certain discussions doesnt bring any value. Sometimes they are moved to the Radio Chatter.


Keeping topics open for a longer (whatever that mneans) periode is not so easy: many people simply do not respond to solutions. So you have to check the forums regularly for open topics, read them again to decide whether to close or not. And this is simply too time consuming.


So what happens here is usually best practice as done by all bigger support organisations. But ist is no problem if a user opens another topic on the same issue again, cause maybe the solution didnt work as both sides expected.

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Why is it so much harder for Aerosoft to keep topics open than other companies. I have never seen other forums where topics have been closed. I agree with Meyerflyer, that it gives the impression that you won't risk others having the same issues also commenting on it. And I struggle to see the advantage of closing a topic, just to maybe someone asking the same questions again, because they're having almost or the same problem, and then have to open a new topic with basically the same subject. Aerosoft, please consider if there's another way of dealing with topics instead of just close it after a couple of days.


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I am sorry you find it incorrect, but it is really the only way we can see what issues are solved and which are not. If we have to run through all recent issues every day (or several times a day) I would simply need at least one additional person. It has nothing to do with avoiding more comments. I think our customers are vocal enough to open a new topic when they got something to add.  That it is harder for us than for other has a lot to do with the scale. We have to support over 350 products, not a few like many other customers. 


Another reason to close topics is to avoid people adding non-related questions or comments that are then missed making that customer potentially unhappy. Before we did this we also saw a lot of people adding comments to topics that were years old and often not even for the exact product.


The idea is simple when somebody posts a question we close the topic when we feel like the question is replied to. Like this one. We will not change this idea. Again sorry if you find it annoying. 



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