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Second Jetway Only Static?

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At EDDF Pro, I try and change the jetways with GSX level2. Especially the further back one. I think this second jetway is only static and isn't in a BGL. 

I get two duplicate jetways (see red box, you'll see two pairs of support structures). 


I am asking in this forum, because this is a scenery issue, as the jetways should be made into a BGL. 

dublicate jetways.png

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All scenery files are in BGLs, otherwise they would not be there in first place.


Maybe not the same files as the moving jetway though as one of them contain moving jetways, the other only static ones.

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Hallo Jürgen,


the airport has never been designed to remove it.

You could of course at any time play with the different BGL's and rename them to .off to check which BGL they are included in.

I fear it might be the main terminal .bgl though, so removing them could remove the whole terminal. But you're welcome to try it and see what happens.

The files are by default located in P3Dv4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 P3D V4\scenery

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Hallo Emanuel,


You're right, the static jetways are included in the main Terminal.BGL. Is it planned or possible to use an update to convert the static jetways to a separate .BGL?
Because in my opinion, this would make at least for the users of the extension GSX Level 2, this beautiful airport until a mega airport professional.

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EDDF pro Jetways are P3D default "IK-Jetways" - the P3D engine only allows one movable bridge per position. Afaik only thee newest SODE version (1.63 ?) is able to supply more than one (even the 3 needed for an A380)

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