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  1. maxro

    Massive unstable A32x

    No, in most cases I have 32fps, but whenever I change views the fps drop to below 18, causing the unstable bus. I too have a strong computer, but I locked my fps to 32, so that my scenery and everything else looks better. I didn't have the bus in P3Dv3, so I can't comment on this; however other planes do not have this kind of issue.
  2. maxro

    Massive unstable A32x

    Correct, but my system runs at 32 fps - so it's likely a P3D issue.
  3. Maybe I should try this, TBH I didn't think the Airbus was this well programmed. EDIT: turning A/THR off and back on has resolved this issue. Pilot error - my bad; thanks anyways.
  4. Maybe TOGA LK as I had a weird behavior, see this and maybe this triggered TOGA LK.
  5. And here is the CRZ PERF page.
  6. The A321 doesn't hold its speed during cruise, even tough it is in managed mode. See screenshot.
  7. In my last couple of flights with the A319, the A320 and the A321 I have changed views from the virtual cockpit to the locked outside view. When I "spawn" in the outside view, the plane becomes so unstable that in one flight, I lost 10000 feet in a couple of minutes, maybe 2, which leads to a massive FPM of -5000. The wings bank from left to right, the airplane dives and ascends. This isn't turbulence, as I can recreate this issue by going to the VC (and waiting until it "calms down") and switching back. The airplane flies normally once in the VC. As a temporary fix, I am not switching to the outside locked view. At time of writing, I am on the experimental update V1.2.2.1.
  8.,19008.0.html here is a good link for additional configurations.
  9. Dear forum and Aerosoft developers, Jetstream Designs' Paris Orly features "GSX/GSX level 2 [compatibility] (all aircraft positions accurately configured)" and "Visual Docking System via GSX level 2". I was wondering if Aerosoft would update their products, such as EGLL or EDDF (and many more), to have GSX2.0 compatibility? At the moment, you cannot change the jetways through the GSX menu and it'd be a nice feature to add different logos or update the looks of the jetways. Best wishes, Max PS: I apologize that I reference a competitor of AS (only one I could find with GSX2.0 compatibility) and the whole GSX - scene, as AS has their own ground handling addon.
  10. maxro

    Flaps at 0, but showing deployed.

    I start in Ready for T/O state, but then switch to the cold and dark at the gate. I have now changed this to be always cold and dark. (I only fly one leg per sim session.) Good to hear. I will try the electric pump.
  11. maxro

    Flaps at 0, but showing deployed.

    It's the A319-111. It isn't in motion, as I started from cold and dark and let the checklists do the starting up.
  12. maxro

    What can I use for AI in P3D V4?

    @DaveCT2003 What do you mean "disable it in the CFG"? Max
  13. Dear forum, In the screenshot, you will see that the flaps are set to 0, but they seem to be deployed. They seem to be deployed through out pushback, where I first noticed this. Best regards, Max
  14. So in the screenshot you will see the CL green box at the top of the window. I have disabled the key input from MCDU3, yet it still looks like it could accept a key input. Yet when I press "1", nothing happens. This leads me to believe that this is only an image that has not been converted to the other option. It is a bit of hassle to recreate, as this is the Approach CL.
  15. maxro

    High EGT before engine start

    I think the EGT shouldn't be this high before the start.