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  1. Hello, I'd like to buy the CRJ but I am not sure if I need to buy additional hardware or software. My PC runs MSFS well and I exceed the "System requirements" that are listed on its store page. However, I am not sure what is meant by "Controller with throttle channel". Does this refer to an axis on the joystick (or any other controller)? I have a Thrustmaster T.16000M that has a small axis (below the stick), which I use to control the throttle. Would this be enough? Or would you recommend to buy a throttle, e.g. a Thrustmaster TWCS? (I know this is a personal question.) If I were to get a throttle, would I need to buy additional software (I know of FSUIPC from my FSX/P3D days, but I think that's more for simmers who have different/older hardware)? Based on my research on this forum, I know that the CRJ comes with a tool to set up the throttle correctly. I had no issues with the joystick in MSFS (I just had to remap some buttons, but that was easy).
  2. @lkdavo Please change the different white tones. Thanks!
  3. The manager does not like this download. I have to insert it manually.
  4. Great livery! Maybe you could change the extension to ".zip" instead of ".rar.". This way, you could simply use the manager, instead of changing the file extension.
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