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ILS Approach - Course Corrections

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On a few flights I have noticed that a mile or so before final whilst on a set ILS/GS approach the aircraft seems to do a dippity-do; that is, it seems to want to make a slight course correction with a bit of a wing dip back and forth.

Is this expected ? I do not recall anything like this with the previous A318/319.

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I haven't noticed this behavior, but I'm on another flight right now (Live Stream at www.twitch.tv/ovpa) and I'll check during approach.


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Could be weather/wind related. I use ActiveSky and I see it once in a while on approach.

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I run ActiveSky with pretty much max settings (not advising others to do so, i do this for a particular reason and for testing). Yesterday i flew three approaches, all in b as d weather without any issues such as are being discussed here. I suspect that non Airbus related graphics injection (which is at the highest level within 18nm of an airport and gets profressively worse as you get closer) is the culprit because anytime you get below 18fps the bus will get pretty squirrelly. The reason you might not experience this in other aircraft is our fly by wire system.


If you dont mind, Please monitor frame rates during approach to see if this might be it.


Now im on my phone right now and cant see previous posts, so if you havent provided system specs and a screen shot of your P3D settings would you please do so?

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Just got back to the flight sim word after a few days or real work (and golf)


I decided to set up for a flight from London to Amsterdam (ORBX England and Netherlands True Earth).

Active Sky was used (ver 6773).

I used the SID/STARS/TRANS for the conditions that existed at the time. Approach was to 27.


I checked the fps values (not average as I did not have that set up yet) at various phases during the flight

On Ground EGLL: 26-30

Takeoff: 26-30



Tail: 45-75

InstrumentView: 35-50

VC: 35-60



Tail: 70-105

InstrumentView: 60-80

VC: 65-100



VC 35-50

7000 ft over EHAM: 28-40


APP: 30-40

LOC: 35-40 (When set on)

GS: 30-40 (When set on after GS indicator was close to the line)

5 miles out: 30-40 LOC/GS Active


At ~3 miles the plane made a small course correction.

At ~<1 mile the plane again made a slight adjustment


System Specs
GAMER (May 2017)
Asus Maximus IX Hero
i7-7700k 4.2 GHz (OC 4.5Ghz) Water Cooled
32 GB RAM 3000
Disks All SSD; C (system): 512GB M.2, E; 1TB (FSX/Steam), F: 1TB (P3D)
Graphics: EVGA nVidia GTX 1080
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64
Controller: Saitek USB Yoke/Pedals
Monitor: Acer CB280HK (UHD 4K2K) HDMI


P3D Setup (Images from external site):




















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Ok then,

I just flew the same plan again but with no Active Sky or other external connections (ACARS, etc.)

There were no deviations on approach.

Perhaps, like another pilot mentioned, there is a potential influence being forced on the sim by either Active Sky or another add-on that perplex the flight system.

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Thanks for the update. We'll have another look at the system anyway though so we'll also check for your issue while we are on it.

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