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  1. canuck21a

    P3D v4.4 & GSX 2

    Just a confirmation that the suggestions made by Hanse are correct. After deciding for no push-back I started the engines and the CL continued shortly after engine 1 was stabilised.
  2. canuck21a

    Transport Company Preview

    Thanks for the update. :) Looks like there might be fun for next Autumn (after golf season)
  3. canuck21a

    P3D v4.4 & GSX 2

    Thanks Rolf, I shall have a go a that on my next flight.
  4. I recently updated P3D v4.4 with a clean install followed by a clean install of all of the P3D v4.x buses. I updated all buses to the latest experimental build. Test flights showed no obvious issues. When I decided to try GSX 2 things seemed to go amiss. The issue I have is that I sometimes wish to proceed without pushback using the full copilot functions. Not using GSX this is not a problem as the checklist routine offers this as a standard option. I have attached an image that has several parts that sequence what I see. Essentially all goes well until I select the GSX option 4 in the GSX "Select pushback direction" screen. Then I get the "[GSX] Have a good trip" message followed by a screen with FOLLOW GSX INSTRUCTIONS that never goes away. I then have to disable the GSX pushback from the MCDU to get the checklist to continue. I am not sure if this is a bus problem or an FSDT problem. Also the FOLLOW GSX INSTRUCTIONS is blended into the P3D header rather than below the menu where I think it should be.
  5. canuck21a

    Transport Company Preview

    Anything new since early September ? Christmas is coming soon
  6. canuck21a

    GSX Automatic Door Handling

    I received a notification from FSDT that GSX2 has been updated with a new "Autopilot" feature that is supposed to handle many actions automatically. To what degree does this impact on the recent Aerosoft experimental update and GSX_Doors ? <quote> GSX Update GSX has been updated, adding a new feature that has been requested by our users: the Autopilot mode. In Autopilot mode, GSX can be set to perform all Boarding/Deboarding services automatically, without user intervention. See the "Assistance Services Auto Mode" option in the Simulation Settings. </quote>
  7. If you are using the MCDU and choosing STAR/TRAN..then. Perhaps the airport ILS values in P3D do not match what is published in Navigraph or NavDataPro. I have found that EDDF, on my system, does not match and I have to manually enter the values upon approach or if I want to fly several times I might chance editing the Navigraph files to match what is presented by the sim.
  8. The other day all was well with the world of the Aerosoft Airbus. On Tuesday Microsoft sent a present. An update to Windows 10 Pro. The next day (today) after starting P3D v4.3 I went to load my A320. P3D crashed. I loaded P3D again and tried the A318. P3D crashed. I used the Windows uninstaller to remove both bundles and restarted. I re-installed the bundles and after a few issues with the updater (now v1.1.10.0) the aircraft all seem to be working again with the earlier experimental updates to ( Not sure why this happened. It is the first time such an issue has arisen with this system.
  9. Hello, Just to make sure my experience is not lost.... The altitude issues on SID are now more or less solved; however, the speed constraints continue to be ignored in full managed mode. KDCA CLTCH2 FLASK OZZZI1 KATL CLTCH2 has speed constraint of 220 knots at ADAXE . The display shows a speed constraint of 220 but the aircraft busts straight through to 250
  10. canuck21a

    A320 SID Test

    Yesterday I noticed that a new version of both the busses was available. I removed both from my test and regular systems and followed the prescribed methodology for re-install. Once I had updated Navigraph I decided to re-test the previous flight again. Using the provided A320 Lufthansa CFM I set up at a gate at EGKK. Once again the flight plan for cruise at FL070 was entered manually with one intermediate waypoint (WTZ) between the CLNX4X SID for 26L and TUSMU Transition for ILS29. After everything was set up and the systems were active I checked both the MCDU values and those shown on the ND which generally seem to display the constraint values. I placed these values in a table to make it easier to review: Those values in red show where the MCDU displayed things differently than the ND and the underlying constraint values. Perhaps these apparently contrary display values are simply part of the weird and wonderful Aerosoft Airbus logic? Now on to the actual flight............ Following the fully managed with copilot procedures the takeoff went without a hitch. At a suitable altitude and before the first waypoint AP was turned on. The MCDU and ND were watched closely to see if any strangeness happened. The aircraft passed KKW02 above 1500, KKE09 above 3200 and held at 4000 before KKE11. After KKE11 it climbed and maintained 5000 @ 250kias. After DET it climbed to 6000. At CLN it climbed to 7000 and held until TOD Descent and landing were normal. The SID profile was flown as expected and nothing strange (for me anyway) happened. It appears that the changes to the coding have corrected the previously encountered behaviour. Thanks for the fixes !
  11. canuck21a

    A320 SID Test

    Just dropped in to see if anything had changed. When something does I will re-run the test using the same procedures.
  12. canuck21a

    A320 SID Test

    Here is the updater screen that was checked before I started the test.: Are there any specific files that I might need to send to you to confirm if the update is as expected ?
  13. canuck21a

    A320 SID Test

    Hello, I reviewed the posts related to the flight management system failing to comply with published SID's. I too have been struggling with this using the new pro bus 318 & 320. A little info on my test setup: 1) i7-2600k 16GB RAM, OC 4.0 GHz, nVidia GTX970, Windows 10 Pro all the latest updates 2) P3Dv4.3 clean install with only a few ORBX addons; Global and LC. 3) Aerosoft A318/319 & A320/321 with all of the latest updates via the updater (A320/321 ver: I set up a simple flight from EGKK to EGUN simply to test the MCDU and the flight. The departure was 26L using CLN4X like another user had with a single waypoint at cruise (FL070) and a transition to Rwy29 via TUSMU. I started the sim in turn-around mode and loaded the pax and cargo then closed the doors except the main. The main MCDU was used to enter the flight plan manually. The departure was reviewed using a commercial chart system and compared to the 1809 Navigraph proc for EGKK. Navigraph: NAVIGRAPH 1809 SID,CLN4X,26L,5 CF,KKW02,51.137656,-0.266325,0,DET,253.3,34.1,258.0,2.0,2,1500,0,1,220,0,0,1, CF,KKE09,51.195533,-0.206644,2,DET,258.2,31.0,78.0,3.0,2,3200,0,1,220,0,0,0, TF,KKE11,51.202697,-0.154894,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,3,4000,0,1,250,0,0,0, TF,KKE15,51.213975,-0.073089,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0,0,0,1,250,0,0,0, TF,SUNAV,51.260250,0.194389,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1,5000,0,1,250,0,0,0, TF,KKE42,51.227028,0.568528,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1,5000,0,1,250,0,0,0, TF,DET,51.304003,0.597275,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1,5000,0,1,250,0,0,0, TF,KKN52,51.385000,0.627611,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1,6000,0,1,250,0,0,0, TF,DAGGA,51.821944,0.794167,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1,6000,0,1,250,0,0,0, TF,CLN,51.848472,1.147589,0, ,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1,6000,0,1,250,0,0,0, ************************************************************************************************************* COURSE TO FIX KKW02 +1500 @ 220 OVERFLY COURSE TO FIX KKE09 +3200 @ 220 FLYBY TRACK TO FIX KKE11 -4000 @ 250 FLYBY TRACK TO FIX KKE15 NOALT @ 250 FLYBY TRACK TO FIX SUNAV 5000 @ 250 FLYBY My interpretation of the SID TRACK TO FIX KKE42 5000 @ 250 FLYBY TRACK TO FIX DET 5000 @ 250 FLYBY TRACK TO FIX KKN52 6000 @ 250 FLYBY TRACK TO FIX DAGGA 6000 @ 250 FLYBY TRACK TO FIX CLN 6000 @ 250 FLYBY ************************************************************************************************************ SID (SimPlatesX Ultra) The details confirm that the first two waypoints can/should be above 1500 & 3200 while the third is limited (constrained) to 4000 feet It was interesting that there is no altitude for KKE15. Loading the MCDU flight plan: The plan was loaded using the dep/arr runways and stated STAR and Transition. The next image shows what the screens looked like right after loading (A), after modifying some waypoints to add constraints (B) and finally after the fuel prediction was activated. It can be seen that KKW02 shows an altitude that is clearly less than the required +1500 while KKE09 shows an altitude that conforms to the +3200 value. KKE11 displays the correct altitude and speed constraints. KKN52 is supposed to be 6000 but shows nothing so I entered it manually (B) CLN is supposed to be 6000 but it displays as 6100. The rest of the items appear to be correct. . . Now we turn to the A320 plan display to see what it shows: Viewing these all the constraints appear to be correct. Now looking at the DET plan versus display: Clearly it shows that one display is somehow wrong. After having set up the flight the full Checklist with copilot was started. The aircraft took off as expected and after reaching a suitable altitude the autopilot was turned on. The plan then proceed to climb immediately @220kn to the 4000 restriction. Once it passed KKE11 it decided to climb to cruise altitude blowing away all of the speed/altitude constraints; furthermore the flight plan changed all of the SID constraints to FL070. My past experience suggests that this aircraft now has a HAL9000 running in the background as it wants to do things that I or Navigraph do not want it to.
  14. canuck21a

    318/19 Crazy descend rates

    Hello, I decided to try your flight today using Ver 1100 A319 with the loadsheet similar to yours. My system is an older one i7-2600k 32GB 4.0GHzOC with a EVGA 970GTX P3Dv4.3 is a full install and there is little extra scenery. I use ORBX Global and NA/SA/EU Landclass. FPS were around 50 most of the time. [CoRte] ArptDep=LIPZ ArptArr=LIRN RwyDep=LIPZ04R RwyArr=LIRN4.Z RwyArrFINAL=ILS24.Z SID=CHI7V STAR=TEA1C APPR_Trans=POM1 Airway1=L612 Airway1FROM=CHI Airway1TO=ANC Airway2=M736 Airway2FROM=ANC Airway2TO=TEA Altitude was set to FL340 cruise. I used the full copilot checklist with 250 speed control turned on. After Descent checklist I set the final altitude to 2000. 15nm before TOD I engaged descent. Initial descent was 1000 fpm for some time after which it did its normal thing and started to descend more rapidly. I watched the descent rate and speed. The descent was about 2800 fpm @ 310knots for most of the descent At 12000 I engaged speed brakes to get the thing under better speed control. I left them on until the thrusters started to climb after which the speed brakes were off. The rest of the approach and landing were full auto with nothing strange happening.
  15. canuck21a

    Ignoring Constraints

    May I assume that this issue is not rectified in the latest update to 1100? I updated and tried the same setup again and the altitudes on the display changed like before when I clicked on the block fuel key.