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  1. I have noticed a potential issue with the options for sound setting for the new A330. Unlike the new A318-A321 the sound volume for Checklist PM cannot be changed from 80%. I was also informed by a friend that purchased the new A330 that he is encountering the same odd behaviour.
  2. It has now been quite some time since there has been any further details. Has this product been shelved?
  3. Just dropped in to advise that continues to present the co-pilot's inability to go past trim set UP1.6. I am now trained to slap him and do the rest myself.
  4. I have now set up a new flight, checked various values and took some pictures. First I set up the fuelplanner: After starting P3D v4.5 HF2 I set up the aircraft (Installed version: No updates available for this product!) in the Turn-Around State. Getting ready to proceed with MCDU work I usually begin with Loading the Aircraft: After completing the initial phases with my copilot active it was time to get pushed back, start and set up the control surfaces: The copilot was busy spinning the trim wheel but seemed to get tired and stop at 1.6 UP. Note that the GWCG value displays as 29.5 The nagging helper kept asking me to fix it, so I did and eventually the Checklist continued: After that all went well so I checked the load sheet one more time just before take-off. I saw a value that confused me: So my issue with automatic trim setting continues.
  5. I will check what Secondator asked on my next flight. What Hanse has said: "If you are using the CL as well as the Copilot then this will automatically be done e.g. checking and setting......." is the issue that I am having as the CL/Copilot was not completing the full adjustment to 0.8UP. It was stopping around 1.5UP. I shall see if this continues on my next flight.
  6. I am using A330 I normally start with Turn-Around state. The fuel planner is used. I load the info from MCDU and can see that the trim value for the flight is UP0.8. When the checklist runs and it is time to adjust trim the co-pilot begins to trim down but stops around 1.5 UP. I have to manually complete the adjustment. This has happened on two successive flights. Am I alone with this behaviour? Note that I do not click on the Adj CoG Reset button. Should I be ding that each time I use the fuel planner? Maybe it makes a difference?
  7. Thank you, That has helped. I still do not know what the other two values of '84' and'0' relate to but they seem to be constants as is apparently the DOW. On that basis I can now leave you alone on this topic.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I have reviewed what you suggested; however, there continue to be fields that are not clear to me. Perhaps the are calculated fields but it would make my efforts at documenting values presented much easier if I knew what they are supposed to represent. The ones in question are those marked with '?' in the text file.
  9. Hello, I was wondering if the powers that be would be kind enough to provide the header details for the present A330 fuel planner output file? Data output= 240;15000.00;22441.68;84;0;35.6;0.6;127326;162486.00;21941.68;184356.01;172324.78; PAX;CARGO;?;?;?, etc. Thanks for any help given..; and.. Happy New year !
  10. Hi, Although I was not an original poster to this I can add my experience from the last two days. Prior to yesterday I had no issues with the co-pilot nor the checklist. 1. I was departing Thule Greenland and I believe that I was following the steps correctly. I was asked to taxi to 10+. I did so but nothing happened at 10+ or above. There were some issues with pushback with the plane deciding to taxi as I was not asked to put on the parking brake. I stopped and started again but no joy. 2. I restarted P3D and the flight from the turn-around state. I then completed the push-back (no GSX active) and was eventually given the go-ahead to taxi. Once again nothing happened after 10+ knots. II managed to fumble my way through the 2600+ nm flight without crashing the thing. 3. Today I started a new flight in NZAA to NZCH with GSX active. All of the checklist items worked and there were no surprises. Well, there were some new items displayed that I do not see with the A320 but things seemed to work. The fact that I was given the go to taxi (checklist) suggested that the triggers were all lined up but something was not working in Greenland (it was 9:00AM and well below 0 Celcius but still dark)
  11. As a temporary quick fix I renamed the new planner with a different extension and used my backup copy of the planner exe for the A318-A321. I can now resume using the planner for my A318-A321 flights as it now shows the expected values. Of course I cannot use this exe for the new A333 but that is ok by me for now as I can manually swap the planner executable when required.
  12. Hello, I tried removing the xml but the values did not change. I reported this yesterday and the reply from Masterhawk was: We changed the fuelplaner Logic for the A330. There are now new config files for the A32S series. Have to check if they are already released. Else it will happen with next update.
  13. After installing the new Bus I seem to no longer have balance values presented for the previous aircraft although the A333 does present these values. Is this to be expected?
  14. This is the version that was installed: I will check to see if there is a newer version. I seems that maybe this is the latest. I have also updated Windows to build 1903 recently. When I start Simstarter today I get no obvious errors.
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