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  1. Could be weather/wind related. I use ActiveSky and I see it once in a while on approach.
  2. Hi Rhett, Yes, you can add the reg/sel-cal. I would do a separate layer for each. Just because I like to keep thing neat and organized. I use regular font and size it up to make it fit. Then move the layer around to center it on the little plate where the reg goes. Then flatten/flip/save
  3. OK. Thanks, mopperle. I guess I'll just have to insert the waypoints manually. Actually, it gives me a better control for the route
  4. Am using FS Build V2.4.0.35, build 285, to generate flight plans. Am running P3Dv4.3 with latest Navigraph. Thank you EKCHEGLL01.flp
  5. Hi all, I'm wondering if someone could help me out: When I insert a saved flight plan (XXXXYYYY01) and set up the rest of 'Init1' page, the waypoints don't show up on the 'Flt Plan' page. Only the dep/arr airports & SIDs/STARs. I have to add the waypoints in between manually. Am I doing something wrong? Or is that the way it is? It is no big deal, but ...... Thank you.
  6. Here's some info from doing a Google search on the error (not my info, I found it and copied it). Sounds like it could be related to your video card. Is your card overclocked? Do you have the latest drivers? This info is from way back, but it may help point you in the right direction. Disregard the drivers version numbers. They are outdated. Get the latest drivers for your card. Andrew ------------------------------------ and Anyone seeing this error message, This is a troublesome error that is not confined to this game or specific hardware. It is a DirectX error code that indicates a crashing of the driver. I have done some more research and have tried to collect all of the steps that people are reporting to have fixed this issue. One particular step I have seen but do not recommend is altering any video card voltages. Some of these steps are quick and easy, some require a little more effort. Turn on vsync Perform a clean boot before attemting to play the game Ensure you have power supply capable of meeting the demands of your hardware while it is under heavy gaming load Perform a clean video driver installation. I have seen reports that this issue may be more prevalent with nvidia 314.07 so maybe avoid that especially as there is a newer WHQL version available. It also may be worthwhile trying a driver previous to 314.07. The previous nvidia drivers can be found here. Previous AMD/ATI drivers are here. Set all in game graphics settings to low in order to reduce the stress on your GPU. Ensure you have hard drive space available for your pagefile. If your pagefile is set to 8GB and you only have 4GB free you may run into problems. Set the high performance preset in your GPU control panel, as opposed to the high quality preset. Run your video card at stock speeds (memory and core). This is also important for players with factory overclocked cards. This will require some third party software such as EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner etc. Set Windows power settings to High performance in the Power Options in Control Panel. Also, beside High performance, click on Change plan settings, Change advanced power settings, in PCI Express and Link State Power Management change the Setting to Off. Run the dxwebsetup to possibly fix corrupted DirectX files. Do not do this unless you have attempted all of the previous steps.
  7. Yes. But, you still have to re-name/delete the 3 files. If you don't, your airplane will have a dark top of the fuselage and dark interior. Also, you need to amend the 'texture.cfg' file in the texture folder.
  8. You still have to do some modifications to the files in the texture folders in order for them to work. Here's what I did (based on suggestions from the bosses at AeroSoft): 1) There are 3 files you need to either delete or re-name in each texture folder. They are: a) AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_C; b) AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_L c) AS_A319_EXTTAIL_L See the screenshot of one of my texture folders: (I just rename the files, but you can delete the 3 files. They are not needed.) 2) Download and copy the new panel file shown at point #2 into your texture folder. AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.dds This is an 'unmarked' panel (ei: no aircraft registration/sel-cal code on the panel). 3) Download and copy the 'texture.CFG' file to your texture folder. Allow it to overwrite. Or, re-name the original file and then copy this one. This config file will actually default to an unmarked panel file. texture.cfg Of important note: Each texture (99.9% of the time) comes with a file that you need to copy a few lines from into the 'aircraft' file for each texture you want to install. (Each texture MUST have it's own number in [FLTSIM.X]. They start at 0 and go up from there {ei: [FLTSIM.0], [FLTSIM.1], [FLTSIM.2], etc ......}) Here's what's in my file for the OK-NEO texture: [FLTSIM.X] title = Airbus A319 Czech Airlines OK-NEO 90 yrs sim = A319 model = CSA panel = sound = texture = CSA OK-NEO kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = OK-NEO atc_airline = CSA atc_flight_number = 1000 ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A319-112 CFM ui_variation = Czech airlines ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE,RAMP atc_parking_codes = CSA description = Airbus A318/A319 - A319 CFM / Czech airlines OK-NEO \nwww.aerosoft.com Once you do a few, it will be easy. It's just remembering all the steps. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions PS: I would be remiss if I didn't thank the people at AeroSoft for this beautiful piece of art. I am anxiously awaiting the A320/A321 and the A330 airplanes. Kudos to you!!! Also a big thanks to all the talented re-painters who share their repaints with all of us for our enjoyment. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
  9. You won't be disappointed with this one.
  10. Hi Jerry, Yes, I can confirm both. The Bus Pro works very well with Win7 64bit. And I only updated the client to 4.3. I should mention that I have the Academic version of P3D. I also use OrbFx sceneries with no issues (base, vector, lights, libraries, openLC Europe, Germany North & South, England & a couple of airports) as well.
  11. Win7 64-bit works with P3D v4.3 very well. And the bus pro works like a charm. If you've purchased the 4.2 version, you can go to your Prepar3D account and download the 4.3 update. No cost. Make sure you download the full package. Then, uninstall client 4.2 via the 'control panel/uninstall a program' and install the 4.3 client from the 4.3 package.
  12. Will the SP1 be implemented into the CRJ add-on that is available on Aerosoft store? I've been looking at getting the CRJ for some time, but I decided to wait until after the A318/A319 comes out. Or should I purchase the product now and use the ASUpdater to update to the latest version?
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