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  1. Hi Rhett, Yes, you can add the reg/sel-cal. I would do a separate layer for each. Just because I like to keep thing neat and organized. I use regular font and size it up to make it fit. Then move the layer around to center it on the little plate where the reg goes. Then flatten/flip/save
  2. Yes. But, you still have to re-name/delete the 3 files. If you don't, your airplane will have a dark top of the fuselage and dark interior. Also, you need to amend the 'texture.cfg' file in the texture folder.
  3. You still have to do some modifications to the files in the texture folders in order for them to work. Here's what I did (based on suggestions from the bosses at AeroSoft): 1) There are 3 files you need to either delete or re-name in each texture folder. They are: a) AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_C; b) AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_L c) AS_A319_EXTTAIL_L See the screenshot of one of my texture folders: (I just rename the files, but you can delete the 3 files. They are not needed.) 2) Download and copy the new p
  4. I think GIMP is similar to Adobe Photoshop: in the layer menu, flatten the image. Then, in edit, flip vertically. Then save as DDS/DXT3.
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