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GPU vram usage?

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I'm planning to upgrade my GPU by the end of the year (most probably a 1050ti or an equivalent if nvidia has released a new series by then) and make the move from FSX to P3d v4, and i was wondering if 4gb of vram if enough for the Aerosoft Bus Pro. I've already read that the aircraft's GPU requirements is minimal 3 Gb (6 Gb recommended) GTX 1050 class minimal, GTX 1070 class recommended. I also remember that a while back Mathijs stated that Trueglass and RealLight consumes a significant amount of VRAM.


So can anyone report the GPU's VRAM usage in a busy airport like Frankfurt of Heathrow, during night, with ORBX global, vector etc and in a bad weather with rain/thunderstorm scenario?


It would be really helpful.


Thank you

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I would recommend to go for an 1070 with 8 GB of VRAM. The prices are going back to normal and like you said Nvidia will announce next generation cards the next months and therefore the prices will come down even more after that announcement. 


I am running an 1080Ti with 11 GB of VRAM and with my settings (very high / ultra) and addons my GPU hits 60 to 70% workload while flying into 3rd party airports and 7 to 9GB VRAM usage.


But besides the GPU, the CPU also plays an important role and even the best GPU does not bring much if the CPU is the bottleneck. 



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3 or 4GB cards might work, but if you plan to get other graphically intense products, too, you might run into trouble with just 3 or 4 GB.

Thinking ahead for the future I would recommend to get at least a 6GB, if not an 8GB card now.

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I would also invest for future. A serious graphics card is these these more future proof then your CPU.

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